Thursday, 2 April 2009

WAG: Iniesta uncovers girlfriend

On his official website that was launched earlier this week,
Barcelona player Andrés Iniesta reveals pictures from his girlfiend Anna.


noubarca said...

AM in Love I love these guys an dthe low profile they keep.. Capello has a job..

Anonymous said...

she's really sweet. wish him the best. but isn't she a little too young for him :)

skanjos said...

i think andres can do better,:P

Warik said...

Define "better"? Both Messi and Iniesta have found woman who love them for who they are, not the amount of money they earn or because of their status. Some would argue that is "better" than dating models and gold diggers.

Brambo said...

Wel said Warik.
Good to see our players having good relationships. Makes them even better on the field and happy to stay where they are!

raja said...

she looks like a mougeeeeeeeeeeeee

SuMo10 said...

Awww they are cute.


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