Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cesc not thinking about leaving Arsenal

Asked about a possible return to Barcelona (read more here), Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas has said in an interview with Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo that he's only focusing on Arsenal at this moment:

"I can only repeat that Arsenal is my team now since I have a contract until 2014. I'm the captain of Arsenal, I owe the gunners and I will never do something behind the back of the club. I won't talk or meet with anyone without them knowing about it. If a club wants me, they should first talk with Arsène Wenger and then we'll see what happens next.

Everyone should go after his own luck and I'm completely happy at Arsenal. If that wasn't the case, you can be sure that I would already have talked with my coach to ask him to let me go but at this moment that's not the case. We're still fighting for three trophies, let's see if we can win one.

It's nonetheless true that Barça is special for me. I cannot say anything else. I had six unforgettable years there, it's a club that has been my club since childhood, when one is only focused on one team. My family is deeply barcelonista and I share this feeling. Nobody can ignore that."

British tabloid News of the World meanwhile claims that Cesc could be on his way out as a consequence of a change in his attitude since he returned victorious from Spain's success in last summer's European Championships and of the player's wage demands.

An insider is quoted as saying: "Fabregas has changed since he came back from the European Championships. It's as if he thinks he's made it because Spain won. It was the same with Thierry Henry in his last season, but at least Henry had won everything and had a right to swagger around.

As far as most of the players are concerned there is a real arrogance to him now. Fabregas is almost a law unto himself. He walks around like he owns the place and that's put more than a few noses out of joint. A lot of the players think he'll be off in the summer to Barcelona, or maybe even Real Madrid, and that he's just swaggering around until he goes.

People are scared to confront Fabregas in case they upset him and he decides to walk in the summer. The problem is that he gets away with it. There were a lot of people at the club who were surprised when he was allowed to go back to Spain for several weeks to do his injury rehabilitation because it's normally a strict policy that rehab is overseen by Arsenal medical staff."

The situation of Cesc would be monitored closely in Barcelona. Sources close to the Barcelona are said to be convinced the midfielder has set his heart on rejoining the club. Barcelona would be briefing the Spanish media that Fabregas believes there is a witch hunt against him as part of a campaign to drive him away from Arsenal.

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R10FCB said...

This article is ridiculous. but that part about the Arsenal team being scared of Fabregas made me laugh.

barcan said...

This Fabregas with his interviews make me angry...wtf he thinks that he is a god-pos...i like arsenal then i like madrid then i like barca...come one shut the fuck up. If you would like to go to madrid just go with xavi and iniesta i just do not like you.

Jorge el Griego said...

You have absolutely right barcan ! I agree with you 100%... I don't want This sh*t in Barca. I want players like Iniesta, Messi & Bojan in Barca and not traitors like Cesc...

KluivertsBoots said...

I would jump, literally, at the chance to sign Cesc. It's destiny. We won't need a left wing signing if we get Cesc because we can start Iniesta there and promote an understudy from the B side.

The idea of Xavi and Cesc orchestrating the center pitch is about the most glorious thing I can imagine in futbol.

I don't believe anything I read about player attitudes in tabloids. Cesc comes across as very genuine. He is the polar opposite of Cristiano, who oozes arrogance from every pore in his body.

tero said...

Why would we need him anyway? Fabregas is too expensive and it seems like he has no true love for Barca?

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