Monday, 30 March 2009

Eto'o launches line of watches and jewelry

Barcelona player Samuel Eto'o presented yesterday in Basel, Switzerland a line of jewelry that will be sold under the brand 'Eto'o World'.

The line mainly focuses on the watches, but also includes other accessories like pendants and cuff links.

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noubarca said...

adventure!!! When you are rich, then thats the next thing. But good move still

kamikaze kontiki said...

Why do all football players get their name tagged to some luxury product or fashion accessory? Cant they launch their own line of tooth-paste or vacuum cleaners or something?

Ramzi said...

Kamikaze, the players do not literally lunch any products. Most of the time an existing company Lunch a new product line and make an agreement with a player to put his name on it with the aim to increase profit. In return he get a percentage.

If a vacuum cleaners company offered him a deal he will not reject. But the problem is that the target market of Vacuum cleaners consists of lot of people who don't follow (or not obsessed by) football, so Eto'o name will not make a big difference.

Target market is the most important factor to decide when such deals worth to be done.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Hmm.. I agree with the first part but about the 2nd, football was never an exclusivist sport. Its the sport of the masses; more popular than the Church.

Anyway the initial remark was made tongue in cheek.

Its actually a little strange that athletes have no qualms about advertising/sponsoring just about any product under the sun but when they actually create/attach their name to a brand it is always some luxury item.

Miguel: the backseatstrangler said...

fc barcelona is the opium of the masses ;^)

tero said...

Maybe it would be more realistic if they sold "Valdes-vacuum cleaners"...

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