Monday, 30 March 2009

[2008] The four Barcelona summer objectives

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo reports that the Barcelona tecnical staff has determined during a meeting on Tuesday the four main objectives in the coming transfer summer.

1 - Right back defender
2 - Central defender
(read yesterday's post here)

3 - Scoring midfielder
The Barcelona technical staff believes the squad has a lot of similar midfielders with a great technique and excellent passing qualities, but they think there's a lack of goal-scoring ability. Werder Bremen attacking midfielder Diego (23) is the favourite option to fill up this gap, although it looks like it's going to be a difficult race with some other European top clubs closely following the Brazilian international. The interest in Dinamo Zagreb midfielder and Croatian international Luka Modric (22) is diminishing.

4 - "Crack"
The probable exit of Barcelona playmaker Ronaldinho (28), will make Barcelona go after a new "crack", a player who can please the fans and can be the motor of the revival. It's nevertheless unclear which player, who can deal with such a responsibility, will be available and economically affordable in the summer. Olympique Lyon forward Karim Benzema (20) is the dream target, but the French international just renewed his contract with Lyon and seems to be staying at least one more year in France (read more here).

(this is the second and last part of this contribution, the first part was published yesterday)

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Anonymous said...

Diego would be sooooo great! But one more midfielder would mean: Iniesta on left flank/wing so we don't need a new winger. What we need is a great striker because if eto'o plays in african cup next year, we would have a big problem to handle.

Anonymous said...

furhter more: we need a left back defender... not a right back

one year ago, readers said...

moratallas said...

I think with Diego you have your midfielder and your "crack" in one...

Anonymous said...

The "crack" thing is an absolute bullshit for me.

Even with Ronaldinho leaving, we still have Henry, Messi, Eto' and Bojan, plus Giovani. Why do we need more, aren't there "enough cracks" ? Isn't Messi the "biggest crack" we could have ?

Bullshit ..

Anonymous said...

diego is going to madrid where his place in the starting eleven is assured. Barca have too much quality players in the midfield, thus too much competition. At his age he wants to play and not warm the bench.

Engineer said...

Did you guys not read the article? :p

It's one year old..

Anonymous said...

oh ok :)

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