Sunday, 29 March 2009

Barcelona reactivates Hernanes interest

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona has reactivated their interest in São Paulo midfielder Hernanes (23) (read more here).

After holding talks with sports marketing agency Traffic, Barcelona scout Pepe Costa would have changed his plans and stayed longer in Brazil to watch Hernanes during the Brazilian league game between São Paulo and Palmeiras that was played yesterday.

Last summer, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain offered 11 million euro for Hernanes, but his club held on to the buyout clause of 25 million euro°. São Paulo owns 75 per cent of the transfer rights of Hernanes, while the rest is divided between Traffic and the player.

Barcelona in the end didn't push further for Hernanes and turned to other names on the target list, which resulted in the transfer of Arsenal attacker Alexander Hleb last summer. Barcelona would now be again interested in Hernanes because of his excellent performances over the last months in a more advanced position.

Watch this video of Hernanes:


pep said...

25 million euro =

32 million us dollar
24 million british pound

Maxi said...

we must get him. he would be invaluable to us... a spectaular player he would be so pinnacle at Barca


tero said...

We should sell Guddy and get this guy...looks like very creative player and would be a spectacular back-up for Xavi or Iniesta

Anonymous said...

more advanced position?
where exactly? , if he can play LW he would be fantastic , could be the next R10 , he even takes freekicks .
great talent , just needs polishing .
if we're going to choose between 40 mil fabregas or 15-20 mil talented brazilian i'd go for the brazilian , they always succeed in la liga.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot Txiki is in letting him slip and buy Hleb instead. I am looking forward to the day Txiki is no longer at the club. An awful sport director.

SimonP said...

To anon:

A 5 minute youtube video doesn't tell a lot about a player. There are a lot of videos out there where you can see how good Hleb really is.

My point is that you can't be a 100% sure if a player will be a success or a flop when you sign him. I think Hleb still have what it takes to be a great player at Barca, but he haven't showed it yet.

Citizen said...

This guy might be a good player, but he can't play the Barça left wing. Simply not fast enough, and not enough of a forward.

KluivertsBoots said...

Pep would sign him as a utility player to take the place of Guddy and/or Hleb.

He would compliment Xavi-Iniesta as a midfield creator and could also offer support on the wings with his technical abilities. He can finish.

In the system of Pep, he would need to play quicker passes and he would not have as much freedom as you see in those videos. He won't be THE focus at Barca like he is at Sao Paulo. But he is versatile and those players are always welcome.

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