Friday, 3 April 2009

Guardiola makes a joke on Hleb

Pep must be in a good mood today because he even tried to pull a joke on me. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
He told me that Hleb has scored a goal!!!
He's so funny!

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Anonymous said...


A2J said...

oh, this is too much on Hleb

skanjos said...

hleb plays for the team,he prefers to give a pass rather than take a shot if the pass will make it easier in order to get that goal.not many players are like that,and its a shame people watch only the person scoring a goal and not the one that started the play or gave a perfect through ball.

hleb is a great player and doesnt deserve the bashing he is getting

noubarca said...

If you watch him with Belarus, (a weaker team, comapred to Barca) he still excelled; because he was usre of 90mins, he is the captain, most of all full of confidence. I am not blaming anyone at Barca cos am no there to know, but its clear the only problem he has is low confidence. When he gets that, he is very skillful; trust me closest thing to Messi when it comes to going past defenders.

KEMPE cy said...

i agree but goals wins the games and if you have players like hleb cabel silva you never gona score goals.. i like them a lot all of them but in a 4 3 3 the way barca plays no thanx..

Anonymous said...

This was well-known when he was bought.

barcaaaaa said...

I don't like the bashing on helb. How this will help him in team? I don't understand people sometimes.

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