Saturday, 4 April 2009

Arsenal confident about keeping Cesc

Asked about the newrumours linking Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (21) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has said at a press conference that he's not bothered by the speculation:

"Why should I be disappointed? If I was disappointed, that would mean I should expect another behaviour, but I do not. No, it does not annoy me. What is important is how well we deal with this kind of thing inside the club. That is more important than what people say.

It is about how much energy we put into achieving things and not worrying about what people say or think. Any distraction would be a weakness from our side and a wrong excuse. We do not want that. We cannot influence what people say, or write or think. We can influence how much success we can achieve together. The period which is in front of us can be a formidable human experience for our players, and that is what I want it to be. What is the most important is that we do as well as we can.

So what is important is not who stays or goes in July but the next game. It is important we concentrate on the short-term rather than become involved in speculation. We have twenty-five players and everyone wants them. I anyway think we are in a strong position to keep Fàbregas in the summer."

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LéonDrágon said...

...again...with wenger there will never be success...don't give any bout others opinions...that's mine...and surely the most realistic...don't like wenger...this crying,whiny,always wail over everything,babyboyloving clown really sucks me off...arsenal plays a good,fast football (counterfootball even in the own stadium...without any english player (what a shame for the fans without having an homegrown idol),but at least fruitless...they never come near to manu or liverpool,in style,prestige or must be a sign that the 'word verification' now was "infact"...

hamad_ali said...

hey guys great news
madrid tabloid a s s claims that barca are going to table a bid of 50 mil for some one named hamad_ali
i've heard that he's a great left winger as good as ronaldinho but he can also play as a left back just as good as roberto carlos in his prime and he sometimes plays as a goal keeper of iker's quality and he doesn't make mistakes;)
he can also cook , clean and is a great babysitter so he can take care of the players's kids while their gone.

this is getting really annoying .

Anonymous said...

hahaha NOT,you are not funny,i hate people who are trying to be funny you pakistanian shit
fabregas would be fabolous for us

Anonymous said...

If fabregas wants to stay at arsenal... let him be... are we gonna pay millions of euro for a player who grew up in barca's youth camp and then betrayed us??... promote our youngster instead,i think they got what it takes... thiago,i think is gonna be great..

Anonymous said...

@ anony
if u don't like his joke then just shut the hell up .
insulting an entire country just cuz u don't like a joke ????
it's disgusting racist pieces of crap like u that give football a bad name .
go post your racist remarks on a madridista blogs
i'm sure they'll love u there.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Hamad, my cousin is looking for a babysitter. ;)

LéonDrágon said...

...if this anony-coward would have something to say,he would give his dumbness a name...his fathers can be proud for him...sometimes i hope due bad games,the barca-players would have this creativity...

thebeautifulgame said...

How did Fabregas betray Barca? It comes up all the time. Pique left and he came back.

From what I know is that he signed a contract with Arsenal instead of Barca. He was unknown and Barca didn't make much of it.

The popular opinion is that Iniesta and Xavi (rightly so their both my first choice as well) would be chosen ahead of him, so whats the harm. He took his chance and played for another team. Its about the football. Which other player who loved the game would rather sit on the bench then play as a first chose?

Anyway he would be good cover for a creative mid because the season is long, Barca challenges in many competitions, injuries happen and he has the skill.

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