Monday, 30 March 2009

All parties involved deny deal on Keirrison

Asked about the rumours about a principal agreement on the transfer of Palmeiras forward Keirrison to Barcelona (read more here), the player's agent Marcos Malaquias denied the rumour in an interview with Brazilian sports site Globo Esporte:

"I talked informally with Barcelona sports director Begiristain on Tuesday. We have an excellent relationship because Barcelona recently contracted Henrique, who's also one of my players.

But he didn't made any proposal for Keirrison. We know that it'ss a player who's being watched by a lot of clubs, but until now there's nothing official.

We have a project for Keirrison, we want him to stay until the middle of next year. But it is clear that we cannot say that things won't change. Because some of those clubs, when they want a player, they just come and take him with them. But at this moment, there's not much to tell."

Malaquias also commented on the issue in an interview with Brazilian sports site UOL Esporte: "Barcelona really showed interest but didn't yet start any negotiations with the player. It's obvious that all eyes are on him. Who would not want to have Keirrison in his team?

But it was only an informal meeting and there was no proposal. In principle, we want Keirrison to stay at Palmeiras at least until the end of the year. But if a European top club would make a very good proposal, that could change. We know that anything can happen in football, but the player will have the final word."

Jose Hawilla, chairman of sports marketing agency Traffic that owns the player's transfer rights for the next four years, said in an interview with Brazilian radio station Rádio Record that a transfer is not an option at this moment:

"Keirrison hasn't been offered and the plan is that he stays. He's not for sale. Directors can come from Spain or Italy, but no one will be able to prevent this. Those directors are here the whole time. Last week, we had four of them from Germany who came and watched some games. But Keirrison is simply not for sale."

Barcelona president Joan Laporta also denied to journalists that a deal has already been closed: "We're of course talking with several players who could join us in the future but there's no transfer for next season finalized. Relating to Keirrison, there's nothing agreed yet. If this would be the case, we would know it. Txiki is doing his job, he's holding talks, but there's nothing more to say at this moment."

Keirrison meanwhile told journalists that he's focusing on his club: "I don't think about this, I leave that for my agents. My head is only focused on Palmeiras. But I know that in July, when the transfer window will open, the speculations will start again."

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Watch this video of Keirrison:


deco said...

what would you think about this guy for our left wing
17 years young and very fast

or this link is better quality

barca4life said...

i think the deal would be similar to the henrique deal. Sign keirrison and then let him stay with palmeiras till 2010 or bring him over and loan him out till 2010or 2011 when titi leaves

Anonymous said...

i would love for us to sign this guy. he's got size, strength, and speed. and for being just 20yrs old he's a hell of a good finisher(with both feet... he's also continuing his great scoring rate in the paulistas. we better get this guy before his price sky rockets! plus he's a barcelona fan!

SimonP said...

Neymar is not an option, he can't move abroad untill he's 18.

If Kerrison would be bought as a starter then I'm very skeptical, it's a VERY big leap from the brazilian league to the spanish and even bigger to the Champions. I doubt he can make it, at least right now.

As far as I know he have only played in the first division since january and I think he should stay there for the forseeable future and evolve.

Anonymous said...

Pato and Kaka did well when moving from Brazil to Italy wouldn't you say SimonP? If Barcelona let all the big guns from Brazil and Argentina move to Madrid, Milan or Man U, then it is big loss for Barca.

tero said...

If we get him rather cheap,I wouldn't complain...Our main goal in transfer window should still be a new left winger and a new left back

SimonP said...

Well for every Kaká and Pato that is a success there is probably another 100 brazilian players that don't make it.

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