Sunday, 29 March 2009

Inter wants to include Adriano in Eto'o deal

Italian sports paper Il Corriere Dello Sport claims that Inter Milan is preparing a bid for Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) at the end of the season.

To lower the expected asking price of 35-40 million euro°, Inter would be considering to include Inter Milan forward Adriano (27) in the deal and offer Barcelona a transfer fee of 20-25 million euro° plus the Brazilian striker.

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pep said...

35-40 million euro =

46-54 million us dollar
33-38 million british pound

20-25 million euro =

27-33 million us dollar
19-24 million british pound

Han said... is posting some articles about Guardiola's life. It'd be very interesting if anyone could translate :)

I think many (including myself) will appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Adriano is a JOKE

sashi said...

total crap... include Zlatan and then we can maybe think about letting Eto go... Zlatan is a big match flop and a arrogant guy... we dont need someone like tat for us... noone shud ever think tat they are bigger than the club when they are in Barca...

Anonymous said...

keep eto'o and ignore such news. eto'o is the best and everyone wants him to stay, also himself.

skanjos said...

if eto wants to leave i would prefer adriano to ibra,at least adriano showed willingness to work to regain his form and doesnt have huge ego,and if barca staff work with him in weight control i think he can be one of the top strikers out there.

pep said...

I'm keeping the series, Han. We will have it later, could be in the summer.

tero said...

These Eto'o-Inter trade rumours are starting to sound ridiculous...Adriano and Zlatan are both rubbish

Anonymous said...

This is a huge insult. I don't think these articles should be posted anymore pep, they insult all barcafans greatly!

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