Saturday, 28 March 2009

Agent Ribery is pushing for a transfer

Asked about the rumours linking Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (25) with several European top clubs among which Barcelona (read more here), Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness has repeated in an interview with German tabloid Bild that the German club wil not consider to let the player leave:

"He has a contract for two more years with us and there's no buyout clause. And he and his family are feeling very good here. Only if we wouldn't be able to compete for the international trophies, he could change his mind and wish to leave. But that won't happen.

It's on the other hand clear to me that his agent is possibly interested in a transfer... Agents make money when there's a transfer, not when a player stays with the same club for many years. When Ribéry joined us, his agent received a considerable fee and I'm sure he wants to cash again. We should be aware of that.

Things will happen in the coming months. One of the questions for example is: what happens at Real Madrid? And what will the other clubs do with their money? If one club buys a star player, then his former club has millions to spend and will start to look around, possibly also in the direction of Ribéry. That's the domino effect.

We're not putting a price on his head. Our goal is to do all we can to keep Franck. But it will be a brutal fight. We will receive offers for him. So the most important thing for us will be that we don't have doubts and express ourselves in a clear way. Because if we allow things to be stirred up, his agent will grab his chance. But when we keep our stand until 31 August, when the transfer market closes, then we can speak about renewing his contract."

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E said...

hes good but lets think about: Gai, Jeffren...

Anonymous said...

he's the best left winger around right now.
but what scares me is his agent.
do we really need another roberto de assis as an agent?
u remember what the last one did .

Anonymous said...

Ribery is about to retire soon anyway, he is definitely older than his "official" age, he is definitely more than 30 years old, just look at him! We will be screwed if we buy him, ending up like Ronaldinho who was ready for the retirement home at 27.

Iason said...

Anony, he is French not African. He doesn't need to hide is age. The reason he looks old is because he has a big scar on his face. If you don't believe me, look at his games. He is probably faster than Messi and he runs the whole game. They way he gets by defenders is by out running them.

tero said...

He may be great but way too expensive also...Bayern won't let him go

Hilal said...

If he wants to go, then Bayern cannot stop him. Most teams will not keep players against their will, they would rather cash in and buy somebody who wants to play for them. I think Ribery has realised that it is time for him to take that step up. Bayern are a great club, but they are not Man utd or Barca (not anymore anyways).

I also think, that due to his versatility he is worth spending 40-50m on. He can play on either wing plus he can also play the Iniesta midfield role. So essentially it is almost as good as buying 3 players.

Anonymous said...

I think if this transfer materializes then it will be even more successful than Dani Alves, which back then a lot of people complained about its high price..

Areign said...

too old???? WTF are you basing that on. ribery is pure speed + clas. must be the scar your thinking of, perhaps the 'dumbass' is clouding your thinking.

Anonymous said...

he definitely not old.. from what i seen he always give 100% on the pitch; a world class player. His scars are from the car accident that almost kill him when he was 2 yrs old. If u dont watch football/ soccer, then dont talk too much crap mate

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