Friday, 3 April 2009

Cesc is a future option for Barcelona

Asked about the rumours linking Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (21) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Barcelona president Joan Laporta told journalists that he would like to see the player return one day:

"I would be delighted to see him wearing the Barça shirt but the opinion of the coaches is decisive for our decisions. We know that it’s a player with great qualities who perfectly knows the style of Barcelona.

I think we already have the best midfield in the world but everything can be improved. It’s up to the coaches to make this decision, although I’m sure that he would adapt to our way of playing. At this moment I’m nevertheless not thinking about him wearing another shirt than the one he is wearing now. It’s a player who has been formed with us but who’s not comfortable at Arsenal and who has a contract there. It would be a lack of respect towards Arsenal to keep talking about a transfer."

British tabloid The Sun meanwhile claims that Barcelona is preparing a summer bid of around 50 million euro° to sign the Catalan midfielder, whose contract with Arsenal expires in 2014.

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis unconfirmedly told journalists earlier this week that Cesc will not leave the English Premier League club at the end of this season: "I can’t marry the stories that I read with the reality, which is that Cesc is extremely happy at Arsenal and totally committed to the club, and that’s every message that Arsene Wenger or I have ever received from him or his representatives.

I am very confident that Cesc is committed to the club. You never relax about any situation but we are very confident that this team will stay together, progress together and achieve success together. The young players that we have and the manager we have believe we are doing something very special here."

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pep said...

50 million euro =

67 million us dollar
45 million british pound

BA said...

50m is a joke number. there's no way we would pay that much for a bench player, or at best a rotation-ready player. half that would be excessive. i could see Cesc possibly coming over the summer if Arsenal finish poorly, but he certainly isn't a starting player outside of the Copa.

jester[HUN] said...

for next season i think we need 3 plyers:
a LB:Lahm/Vargas/Evra/someone else
a CM:Fabregas/someone else
a GK:Arsenjo


what dou you think?

kamikaze kontiki said...

We already have targets this summer and a CM is not one of the them. 50 mill. is the maximum we can spend for all transfers put together. Sell Hleb, Jorquera, Guddy, Sylvinho, etc and we still wont make more than 20 mill.

So I dont know how it can make sense to spend 50 mill on a player we dont need. Cesc would have been better of making himself available last yr when there would have been more people sympathetic to the option of buying him. Statements from him and Laporta suggesting such an option right now are just unneccesary.

LéonDrágon said...

...with wenger there will never be success...don't give any bout others opinions...that's mine...and surely the most realistic...don't like wenger...this crying,whiny,always wail over everything,babyboyloving clown really sucks me off...arsenal plays a good,fast football (counterfootball even in the own stadium...:(...),without any english player (what a shame for the fans without having an homegrown idol),but at least fruitless...they never come near to manu or liverpool,in style,prestige or titles...

SimonP said...

Wait at least until the summer of 2011, then we can sign him due to the Webster-rule and pay ~10-15M. I think it's a really lousy way to sign a player but we didn't get anything when they took him from us so why should they get rich from it?

rahul said...

i never want to see him play in barca a traitor shud never be forgiven it will only set in a trend among teh youngsters tht no matter wt they will always sign u back. n newaz i have never liked cesc looks like a punk to me.

Anonymous said...


SimonP said...

I guess you hate Pique and think he was the worst signing this season then rahul.

Basically I agree with you and I don't think we should pay big money for him. If we can get him for 10-20 million in the future then I don't oppose it.

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