Monday, 30 March 2009

Quote of the day: Pique

It was very nice to score for Spain, but I hope that this wasn't my last goal at the Bernabéu.

Gerard Piqué, Barcelona player


noubarca said...

Amen to that (but please not an own-goal) lol

OLALEKAN said...

hou NOUBARCA.u are very funny and i know u are right,but pls just shout a very big AMEN,cos i knew pique will not do an own goal by the grace of God.

ekar said...

lol thats cause before he said that he wanted to score in bernabeu (at a club level.He hadn't been selected for spain yet)

tero said...

A possible threat in set pieces because of his size...lacks of positioning and speed.But there's still plenty of room to grow as a player and human

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