Sunday, 15 March 2009

Aguero, Cesc and Asenjo could join this summer

Catalan sports paper Sport gives today an overwiew of what the paper claims could be the main movements during the summer transfer window.

If Eto'o decides to leave, he could be replaced by Atlético Madrid forward and Argentinian international Sergio 'Kun' Agüero (20) (read more
here). And if Valdés would decide to leave, he could be replaced by Real Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19) (read more here).

Barcelona will furthermore look for players who can replace Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (34), whose contract expires at the end of the season, and Barcelona attacker and Belarus international Alexander Hleb (27), who will be put for sale. Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (21) could return to the club.

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Anonymous said...


------------ Toure********

------Xavi --- Cesc
--- Thiago--- Keita

(Pedro)-------- (Gai)


Anonymous said...

--> goodjob
Did we sell Pique in your lineup?
I haven't heard of Maxwell rumours, is it just a wish?

I would like to see:

Out: Jorquera, Sylvinho, Caceras (loan), Eidur, Hleb and Henry (Perhaps Bojan on loan).

In: Asenjo, Henrique (loan), Zhirkov, Silva (Ribery), Kun (Villa).

I'm not sure Cesc is the right man, I would rather see Aquilani.

In my mind it wold look like this.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

You guys have some interesting ideas. Some I agree with others not. Unless we don't win anything, I don't think we need to make huge changes. There is good balance in this squad. I don't think we should sell Hleb just yet. Like Henry last season and Abidal, he should be given another season to adapt and prove himself.

Out for me: Jorquera, Pinto, Sylvinho, Caceras (loan), Eidur.

In: Asenjo (back up with possibly equal to later in season), Lahm or Zhrikov, Ribery or Silva and Kun. I am a big fan of Aquilani but Italians traditionaly don't do very well at Barca. Cesc should join the following season and if Eto'o leaves (hopefully not), Fernando Torres is now my number 1 choice to replace him.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why we would want cesc. we have xavi, iniesta, toure, keita and busquets.

Anonymous said...

Are we after the shortest team in Europe accolade or something?

Anonymous said...

cesc is a great player i dont understand y u wouldnt want him, and aguero is fantastic and they are both young hopefully we dont loose etoó though he is great when in form. but we definately need a new keeper coz valdes is making too many costly mistakes

Anonymous said...

yeah there are many great players. why not buy gerrard torres, ronaldo, essien, kaka, ibrahimovic, totti and villa too. we don't need cesc, we have enough midfielders who are very much up to the high standards at barca, and i wouldn't bench any of them for cesc.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how u guys can say we dont need cesc what happenes when xavi gets hurt , we wont have a midfield an we will be doomed at least with him we can give xavi a rest so all u other guys who say we dont need cesc u guys are stupid and dont know what ur talking about

Anonymous said...

Aguero is so good! At the moment I think eto'o is better but aguero will grow when he plays at a big club like barça. I also like ribery a lot to play left wing. Fabregas isn't needed yet. when xavi is out, we play iniesta at his position. I also like busquets and keita. In my opinion we have 5(those two and yaya, xavi and iniesta)very good midfielders. vazquez and sanchez are good additions, maybe also thiago can get some matches.
lahm is too expensive, btw I think abidal and sylvinho are doing well. Also milito, who is a great player, can play there. maybe a youngster when sylvinho leaves, nothing too expensive.

Riis said...

things that make you go 'mMMMmmmm....


Totally under-rated! Makes critical impact every game, but never gets enough credit, I joke not when I put him right up with Andrés Iniesta. Better than Ribéry, ATM. Plus, F.Ribéry gets hurt every season, while Lahm I see play every game.

Anonymous said...

In: Asenjo, Filipe/Lahm, Silva/Guardado, If Eto'o leaves - Villa, If Eto'o stays Llorente could be bought as a backup.

Out: Jorquera, Sylvinho, Cáceres/Henrique on loan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone know who the three might be?

Rossell for President

Anonymous said...

mattioni from gremio, santon trom inter, luis suarez from ajax, mario gomez from stuggart, and probably nani is all we need.

Anonymous said...

WTF are u talking about JORDY

yeah iniesta could fill xavis place place when something happened to him but iniesta is gonna need a rest because these last three games he been getting fouled at least 10 times a game an did u read the story after the lyon game he was so banged up. We do need cesc so i dont know wtf jordy is talking about but the only way cesc will come is if arsenal doesnt make it to champions league i can guaranty that...

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