Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Touré wants a pay rise this year

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol claims that Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivory Coast international Yaya Touré (25) wants to leave the club if he doesn’t get a pay rise in the summer.

Touré earns at this moment around 2 million euro a year, the same as he did when playing at Monaco. When he signed a four-year contract in 2007, Barcelona promised that the salary would be raised after one year (read more here).

But this still didn’t happen and the Ivorian midfielder, who also doesn’t like the rotation system used by Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola, has asked his agent Dimitri Seluk to look for another club if his contract isn’t renewed soon. Touré would be one of the Barcelona players with the most offers on the table, with English Premier League club Arsenal preparing a 14 million euro° for June.

Touré is meanwhile quoted as unconfirmedly saying in an interview with French newspaper Le Parisien that he waits for a contract renewal: "I’m a professional player. If the club wants me to stay here, they are obliged to do something. I only hope that when the moment is there, everything goes well and a deal will be found quickly. Whatever happens, I would like to end my career at Monaco."

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pep said...

14 million euro =

19 million us dollar
13 million british pound

Harshawardhan said...

hey pep.. check this out..

Harshawardhan said...

btw 14 mil euro is stupid
arsenal can eat their own crap..

barca4life said...

No player is bigger than the club. If we cannot come to an agreement, somebody else will replace him.

barcan said...

That is the whole truth what barca4life said!

pep said...

Checked it, Harshawardhan, thanks for the suggestioni Although we'll leave it there... ;)

LéonDrágon said...

...the time has come where he deserves it to talk about it...he's no more only an add to the squad...

jordy said...

he deserves a lot more than the 2mil. hleb and gudjohsen,marquez, abidal earn the double! it's not fair because yaya is more important than those guy in the team. The fans also like him a lot. So do I, but for a good price everyone is for sale. 14m is ridiculous, 40m is more reasonable.

jordy said...

he deserves to earn it should be in the post above!

hamad_ali said...

i'd be lying if i said i wouldn't be sad if he left but what barca4life is right no one is bigger than the team .
i hope they reach an agreement and if they don't busquets and kieta are there and more than enough .
anyway if he wants arsenal i won't mind seeing cesc going the other way .

noubarca said...

Would you say the same about Messi?
I dont agree with fans who talk this way. Football is a career, a very short one. He hasnt said anything wrong. And you have all ignored the fact that Barca said his contract would be reviewed after 1 year. If messi was on 4Mil/year and he asks for more would you blame him? You have to look around and compare what your "mates" are earning. he is an integral part of the team and should be treated/PAID as such. If we dont renew now, the he becmoes a boss man. and please who do u intend to buy and pay 2mil euros a year? Must be a rookie.

kamikaze kontiki said...

I agree noubarca. It seems inappropriate to me for people to say "No one is bigger than the club" on this occassion. I dont think Toure is asking to be the highest paid player in the team or anything unreasonable.

In fact, I think its a pity he has to ask for something that should have been offered to him a while back. I cant understand why the management is sitting on this. He is probably more important to the defense than any of the defenders and for his work rate and admirable effort through this season and last, he should be paid a lot more.

Marc4barca said...

no one is bigger than the club is a true statement that goes for messi too, alot of people thought so of ronaldinho and he is ac milan now wasting his career. it said barca would review his contract after 1yr, 1yr is gone he should be getting at least 3.5-4 mil a year on the other hand when barca does something like this it either means their planning on selling you in the summer to get someone else(most likely try and lure cesc from arsenal) or the usual excuse of waiting till the end of the season so it won't distract the players from their work, in the end losing yaya isn't a big lost and can easily be replaced but our other two DM busquets and keita or bring in someone like de rossi, mascherano or even hargreaves if he gets over his injury problems.

barca4life said...

Nou i would say the same thing to messi. Nobody is bigger than the club, cruyff came and left as did maradona, romario, stoichkov, ronaldo, rivaldo and ronaldinho. Barcelona was there before all of these great players and it continued on after all of these great players including messi.

barca4life said...

I never said the club should not offer him a new contract btw. I think they should, i said IF an agreement cannot be reached somebody else would replace him.

tero said...

Hargreaves? You're kidding me.Was totally overrated in Bayern and still is in ManU.IMO,sell Guddy and give Toure his well deserved raise,can't be that bad for one of the best DM players today.

Anonymous said...

Only let him go if we can get Essien, otherwise pay up.

noubarca said...

yeah barca4life, Barca is gr8er than them all, but Barca should treat them rightly. If we are going to replace him because we cant reach an agreement, are we going to pay the replacement the peanut we pay Yaya or more? Are we sure the replacement would fit in like Yaya did? My point is Kamikazes point, "Nobody is gr8er than Barca" shouldn't have been used in this case. He is not asking to be paid same as Henry, Messi and Xavi.
Yaya is on £35K/week. Walcot and co earns much more. Flamini left because he wouldn't take £50K/week. Am sure the Board knows more than we do tho.

barca4life said...

I still think if his demands are too high we should get some cash for him and find somebody else. He will be missing for the whole month of january in any case next year, maybe we should consider somebody that does not need to leave. Marquez has played this position before for barca and done well. We could face a situation where Yaya and Keita are both out in January next season. Neither of which is ideal but both of which could derail our title challenge. If he really is upset at the rotation, maybe it is time for him to move on.

noubarca said...

lol.. now i rest my case. what can i say after your last post?

jordy said...

why the hell are you wining about barça is bigger than a player? that's not the discussion, toure just wants a salary like all the others..some of them aren't even fix starters wich yaya is! he doesn't even shout things in the press.
the rotation crap is just talk, in interviews yaya always tells he's feeling great at barça.

barca4life said...

Yaya is a fixed starter? Really? In which team? Let me give you some stats about who has started

Dani Alves -36 games
Valdes-35 games
Xavi- 34 games
Messi- 30 games
etoo- 29 games
Marquez- 29 games
Puyol- 29 games
Pique- 29 games
Henry- 28 games
Iniesta-24 games
Yaya-23 games
Busquets-22 games
Keita-15 games

Seems to me like the fixed starters have played 29 games and more. yaya is splitting time with busquets and keita as far as i can tell

Meursault said...

I'm glad this story is generating some analysis of how important Yaya Toure is to the team. He got a bad rep from some people for part of last year (when, from memory, he was forced to play through injury because of the team circumstances), but I think he's been great this year when given the chance. The second Lyon game showed the gulf in class between Yaya and Busquets at this stage, by comparison Keita is positionally all over the place and Gudjohnsen is too inconsistent. With his physical strength, close control, ball skills and short passing, he fits in exceptionally well with Iniesta and Xavi in what is clearly our best (and possibly the world's best) three-man midfield.

So, well and truly worth a hefty pay rise from 2M into the wage bracket of the top half of the senior squad (he's only earning 30% of Henry's salary and the club are reportedly offering VALDES 5M+2M incentives "for Messi's sake"). Selling him for less than 40M would, in my view, be a grave error.

Anonymous said...

Actually Barca4life, it would seem like that on paper. But if you count that Pique has only played 29 games because of recurring injuries to our back 4, and is not a starter only bc of puyol and marquez injuries, and for when he has to cover for puyol while puyol cover for abidal. There are 11 starter in a football team, and if you notice Yaya makes it past the cutoff, without injuries, he would be higher up and pique lower down. Also, by your logic Abidal must not be a starter. Busquest has not been injured and he only rack up 22, therefore not a starter. but yaya does rank up enough.
If Puyol keeps on getting injured and has less by the end of the season, are you gonna say that he is not a starter? that he doesn't deserve a raise?

barca4life said...

Ok let me ask you this name the players that you would put money on starting every game
Valdes Puyol Dani alves Xavi Messi Etoo Henry would be where i would put my money on. Also i did take into account abidal being injured and pique playing due to puyol being injured and suspensions. You can call yaya toure a great deal of things, a great player, an uncompromising midfielder, the iron man of the barca midfield, however a fixed starter he is not

memo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
memo said...

sell this whiny bitch!

since hes only interested in the money and not winning trophies and being part of the best club in the world, sell him to manchester city. he can be as overpaid as he wants to there with a shity team next year. that team has money but it cannot buy the best or guarantee trophies. at least not in one year.

Jnice said...

Man those who are acting like Yaya is being unreasonable are crazy, There was supposed to be a deal in place where he would earn more after the first year and Barca have not held up their end of the bargain. No one is talking about "being bigger than the team". He didn't say I want to be paid like Henry or else I will leave. He simply wants a pay rise because as of right now, the rookie Busquets makes more than him, I think Yaya is the worst paid on the team.

Barca4life you may say he isn't a fixed starter sure. But when he is in there I notice the difference and many others do as well. He is a much more assuring presence than anyone else who plays that position. When he is out there is when Busquets plays his best because he has a security blanket in Yaya.

I really don't understand how you guys are making it seem like Yaya is demanding something ridiculous. I know that when I seem him in the starting 1, I am more at ease than when I see Busquets or Keita. Yaya gets the nod in the important games does he not barca4life? Against Lyon, how well did he protect the back four? Keita and Busi are good but they can't compare to Yaya and he deserves to make at least as much as them.

Marc4barca said...

henry never asked to be paid higher.. i agree barca haven't held up their end of the bargain but they know of it, barca usually settle things at the end of the season..busquets does not make more than yaya, busquets has 1mil and incentives. to me the only fixed starter in the midfield is xavi and of course yaya is more assuring than busquets, this is only busquets first year in top flight football but busquets has better technical ability and draws more fouls than yaya this why they get rotated cause there that different and they get start depending on opponent. he should get paid a good fee but that is barca's decision and if they decide that they would rather sell him, it would be in your best interest as a supporter to support barca's decision 100% with no regrets.

Kxevin said...

I'm staggered, frankly. Anyone who wants to know the value of Yaya should watch that Malaga match, and see what happened after he came off. The pitch tilted their way, and they suddenly enjoyed lots more possession and attacking verve. His value to the side is, IMHO, right up there with Eto'o, Valdes and Henry.

People don't think of DMs in the same fiscal realms as attackers, but one such as Yaya makes our attacking style possible by compressing the pitch.

2 million? Are you kidding me? We're stealing his services. I support the side, but we will be immeasurably weaker if we lose him. Yes, we have Keita and Busquets. But anyone who thinks they can do what Yaya does....

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Busquets is overrated. Yaya should have played more than Busquets. But Guardiola decided to give Busquets more opportunity in the early time of this season. Busquets could be a rotation player in Barca. Yaya is different. He deserves more because of his skill and spirit!

Areign said...

Really guys? your gona pay the guy nickles and dimes and then act like hes unreasonable when he wants more money for the work that he is doing? give him a reasonable wage, 2 million is ridiculous. He's a great player, did anyone see what happened when he came off the field against Malaga?

memo said...

yeah i saw what happened when he came off. we scored 6 goals.

Anonymous said...

A fit Yaya is an excellent DM and Barca should try to keep him. DM's seem to be undervalued in spanish football. Look what happened to R/Madrid when Claude Mak was sold.

barca4life said...

Let me just close by saying this. Yaya and quite possibly keita will be gone for up to an entire month next season. Our midfield could be down to xavi iniesta guddy and busquets. That to me is a huge problem. Added to which, people are taking what i said out of context,i am all for renewing yaya's contract, and read this part carefully guys IF A DEAL CANNOT BE REACHED, SOMEBODY ELSE WILL REPLACE HIM. NOBODY IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB. I never said i dont want a deal to be done or i dont appreciate yaya. IF is the qualifying word there. And finally some people may have forgotten that his agent was the one that started to speak about leaving barca and other players who have no link with him like etoo and in the story itself it says yaya doesnt like the rotation of guardiola. I am just going by what i have seen thus far.

dim said...

I just hope if we loose him, we dont end up like madrid when they lost makelele.. its not easy to find a really good holding DM.. and right now YAYA is the best. if it turns out we sell him,, (hope not), who do you think could replace him that has the same work ethics and presence like him?

kamikaze kontiki said...

Sorry barca4life, if you still check this post, dont want to all pile up on you but this "Nobody is bigger than the club" is repeated often and I wanted to say something about it. Its probably inappropriate of me to comment on the sort of argument or discussion that fellow bloggers may use.

Nevertheless, I would like to say that "Nobody is bigger than the club" is a given. Its true for every player and probably every person attached to the club. Does that mean that a player doesn't have the right to ask for improvements in his contract or other personal terms? Wouldn't we be better of discussing the acceptability of his demands or how justified they are?

Every player has different requirements and going to the press is often the best way to gain attention and leverage. The club is not a so benevolent as to not seek the cheapest deal it can get. As an example Puyol, long after he became the lynchpin of defense remained the lowest paid player in the team with a salary more resembling his Barca B days.

If all of us continue to use this refrain there wouldn't be much left to discuss or comment on here, on this site, beyond singing praises (and of course posting "....", every time a contract issue post is made). Thats the way I see it at least.

barca4life said...

Kamikaze my point was renew his contract, but if it cannot be done he can be replaced. People act as if yaya toure is the second coming of maradona or something. For me he isnt in the top 10 midfielders in the world or even the top 5 defensive midfielders in the world

M. Diarra
M. Senna
Xabi Alonso

are all better than him in my opinion. People act as if we sell yaya we would be selling ronaldo.

barca4life said...

People talking about 40 million for yaya. Are they serious? Clubs would not pay 40 million for etoo last year. Just to give you an example of players who cost around 40 million

Ronaldo-43M(inter to real madrid)

and some others that cost less
Ronaldinho - 21M pounds around 30M
Essien - 38M
Torres-20M pounds around 30M

noubarca said...

LOL. I just cldnt resist coming back. Barca4life, In your stats that you posted, in our DM position, who has played the most out of Yaya, Busq and Keita?

You have mentioned 5 players better in you opinion. Do you know how much they earn?

And did you also call Xabi alonoso a DM? lol.

@ Marc4barca- Henry cant ask for me; if anything he would be paid less. And did u say Barca dont do deals until end of season? Why has Sammu told us to wait till end of season? because we are ready to do the deal now (mid season) when did Xavi renew? I am sure it was in between the season.

My point is if FLAMINI was offered £50K/week @ Arsenal where they are known for shrud wages, Barca can match that if not more.

Memo, good to see you here again.
Football is a career and a short one. You are saying if hes intrested in the money he can go. Would you work for Barca for half the money you would get elswhere doing the same job? knowing Barca can pay you more and are paying your colegaues (@Barca) more money? Yaya is a important to the team as Eto. We can always replace players but I feel they should be treated in the right way. Pay them accordingly.

barca4life said...

Nou i was just making the point with yaya's stats that he is not a "fixed starter" as somebody stated not that he had played the most out of the 3. I agree masherano essien cambiasso and diarra are most likely paid more than yaya, but then they are the top 5 defensive midfielders in the world :) As for xabi, well i think he can play defensive mid and has done so for spain in the past if i remember correctly and in the liverpool system he can be used as a second defensive mid along with mascherano.

I will say this, i think a vigorous discussion such as this is good for the site, we were able to state ideas and opinions without getting hostile and calling names and i think it is a credit to all of the posters on this issue that we were able to discuss a bit of a difference in opinion calmly and without anybody getting too heated. Makes for a better blog

Jnice said...

Sorry barca4life but Yaya is one of the 3 best DMs in the world easily. Not top 5? I don't know what you watch every week, but what I see is a world class DM we have in Yaya. Cambiasso, Diarra and Xabi Alosno( if you can call him a DM) better than Yaya? Nope. Sorry.

Jnice said...

Also, Marcos Senna better than Yaya? Have you seen any of Senna's matches this year? He has been sub-par all season. He has failed to play as well as he has has in previous seasons and Euros. I feel like you are just going by names and haven't really watched the people you claim are better than Yaya.

How many passes does Yaya complete per game? How many times does he really lose the ball? When he decides to dribble and take on players, does anyone ever take the ball from him? Malaga was force to foul him when he took on 3 players and ended up injuring him. Pay the man what he deserves.

Kxevin said...

The only DM I would take over Yaya on barca4life's list is Essien. Period.

Now, you're right in that no player is bigger than the club. That includes Messi, Eto'o, Xavi and Iniesta, and nobody would be uttering a peep if those guys were so contextually underpaid and wanted a raise. Nobody. We've given Messi a pre-emptive raise a couple of times now, as befits one of the best players in the world at his position.

Yaya is also one of the best players in the world at his position, and i repeat: We're stealing his services at 2 million per. If we let him go, we're out of our collective Blaugrana minds.

We might, for sure. But I repeat: I'd see the likes of Henry and Eto'o go before Yaya. To win, you have to first prevent goals. Yaya is crucial to that.

You can get a lot of forwards to convert the kinds of chances that Eto'o mostly converts (note I said mostly, yes, he does great work and scores some killer goals). DMs are the most underrated players on a side, I think. You don't realize what they do until they're gone.

dim said...

yup just like kevin said.
just like Madrid..sold makelele.. they were lost.. they tried to replace him w/ gravesen and look what happen..
its not easy to find and BUY a world class DM..
im hope we'll offer YAYA a new contract at the end..

Marc4barca said...

@noubarca- i didn't say they always do things at the end i said they usually do things at the end of the season i am aware of xavi situation and what eto'o said but then eto'o said he would renew and barca then said they would wait till the end of the season to not distract players.

Yaya isn't in the top three DM in the world not even close, come to think of it most of you would call any dm in our team one of the top 3 cause i seriously can't understand how someone would rate yaya over mascherano, de rossi, cambiasso, gattuso etc. yaya is good but not one of the best but doesn't really matter in barca cause we don't need the best player in every position yaya does the job so that's enough. the topic on yaya is being over exaggerated all will be settled at the end of the season be happy whether he goes or stays but note he will be gone for 6 weeks next season due to the African cup so someone will come in maybe not to replace him completely but someone who can do the job, most likely hernanes, busquets is still far to inexperience to command that DM role week after week and we still don't know how our match calender will look we might end up facing all the big teams in those six weeks and the same goes for eto so a new striker should be bought whether he stays or goes.

barcaaaaa said...

I will just say that Barca treat Yaya bad. He deserved a rise payment.. I can't believe Hleb, Guddy and more paid more than him.

I don't care who is top 5 or top 3 DM in the world.. But 2 mil/year and get less than Guddy and Hleb is wrong when he is so much better. Crap of usin "nobody better than a club" because this is not Yaya ask of Messi's like payment.. Just an increase of what he deserved.

If we don't rise his salary than I'll say, he can go for a better payment and it is all Barca fault! I will not blame him at all. And it is our lost.. For me, Yaya is IMPORTANT to Barca. How important he is? I will say he deserved to be the among first 11.. and it is enough said to be a better salary than those who are not even our best eleven.

Marc4barca said...

hleb was a bigger player than yaya so getting him from arsenal was hard so barca offered him a good salary, same with guddy. do you know where barca got yaya from? Monaco, so obviously he wouldn't have been offered such a high contract. Another reason why barca might be taking a while to do business is that they don't know if they are going win something this year. the no one is bigger than the club statement is true and this is another reason why barca might not be interested in improving cause as much as yaya played good last season barca won nothing... they conceded a lot of goals and succumbed to one of their worst seasons ever.. now tell me would you instantly renew yaya's contract after that or would you start to have second thoughts about certain players.. you don't want to end up like Valencia right? then carefully thinking through everything is the way to go. this might also show as a sign barca might be planning to do alot of rebuilding in the summer with the amount of big names link with them this summer and yaya could be up for sale to make way for certain players and to help fund barca.

barca4life said...

I had actually forgotten about de rossi and gattuso. Point being, marca4barca is correct, we didnt win anything last year and were in a great deal of turmoil at the end of last season. Not exactly the time to hand out bonuses. And he did sign a 4 year contract. This is only the 2nd year of the 4.If he wanted more money maybe he should have rejected barca or asked for just a 2 year deal.

Jnice said...

Sorry but the last two posts are idiotic. They didn't win anything last year so even though you promise to raise his contract after a year, you don't? You say "Ahh well we didn't win anything so we are going to go back on our word."

Gattuso and De rossi? Not better than Yaya.

Marc4barca said...

may i remind you it is easy for fans to sit here and say things like he deserve this or he doesn't do this or you want a player gone but the truth we don't know the full story behind it and we don't know how they really do business if it was that serious yaya would of mention it in the summer but it to close to the end of the season and it now comes up so far all we know yaya could be just pushing an exit and also it said pay raise after first season.. right now his second season is in progress so initially barca don't have to do anything yet with his contract just yet.

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