Thursday, 26 March 2009

Manchester City working on Henry transfer

British newspaper The Times claims that Manchester City is planning a move for Barcelona forward and French international Thierry Henry (30) at the end of this season (read more here).

The English Premier League club is determined to compete with the established top four teams and has identified Henry as one of their leading targets, together with Bayern Munich attacker Franck Ribéry, in the pursuit of Champions League football. Chelsea defender John Terry and Blackburn Rovers forward Roque Santa Cruz are also on the target list.

Manchester City would have been working behind the scenes since January on a deal to bring Henry back to the Premier League. The French striker, whose contract with Barcelona expires in 2011, will be offered a impressive year salary and would cost around 10,5 million euro°.

The failed bid to sign AC Milan player Kaká in January has done little to discourage City from trying to land an iconic signing who can boost their profile off the pitch. It is said to be Manchester City manager Mark Hughes who would be driving the deal. He is confident that he retains the support of the club’s board and owners, but he is eager to make a big impact in the transfer market this summer.

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pep said...

10,5 million euro =

14,5 million us dollar
10 million british pound

barca4life said...

If they offer 25 million euros and up i think we should accept.

SimonP said...

What they need to do first is to get a good manager. They had one in Eriksson but Hughes certainly have strange ideas about football.

When they get that new manager they should probably aim for european competition, i. e 6th place and buy all the talent in the world, they will get better and cheaper players that way.

Arian-Barcelona said...

Dear PeP, Because Of Your Brilliant Information About The Club, I've a Question.

From Above List, Wich One Of Them Will Have Green Light For Bayern Munich Clash On 8 April:

"Andres Iniesta"
"Yaya Toure"
"Eric Abidal"
"Gabriel Militto"

Please Reply Me Here In Comments On THis Post, As Soon As Possbile. Thank You.

pep said...

If everyting goes as planned, Iniesta and Touré should have the green light by then, Arian. The other two not.

AriaN-BarCelona said...

And What About Mighty "CrP5" .:. He Is Verry Important For The Team.

El Es Muy Importante Para El Equipe!

pep said...

He should be ok.

maximi83 said...

Hey pep! Great blog!

I wanted to ask you if you know somebody who has a soci card and is able to order two tickets for the away game at munich. So if you know somebody or yourself have a soci card and is able to order cards and not travelling himself to munich it would be nice if you write me an email.



noubarca said...

Henry to stay. Man city should buy Santa clasue or whoever they want not Henry and at that price are they MAD?

and who knows how I can get the semi final ticket. I live in London; so to see Chls or Pool Vs Barca would be nice. Dont ask me what happened to Bayern. lol

pep said...

Can't help you, Max, sorry. The tickets for the socios that Barça had received were awarded earlier today.

Arian-Barcelona said...

Pep, do you live in spain?! and do you watch a game in CAMPNOU? and do you know spanish??

Noder said...

Hey Pep!
Its really interesting 2 learn more about our blogger...make a biography with foto...please...people of the forum should identify their leader ))

pep said...

I have no intention to become a leader... ;) But I don't live in Spain.

tero said...

Santa Cruz? Is this a joke? That guy sure is...

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