Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Puyol: "Blue snails with cream in Miami"

Barcelona player Carles Puyol gave an interview to the offical website of Powergym, a brand of dietary supplements that also sponsors Puyol's website.

Some quick questions. A color.

An actor and an actress.
Julia Roberts and Pedro Léon.

A movie.

A book or a writer.
The Shadow of the Wind. Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

An album or a band.
Swarma. Universo.

A television program.

A radio station.
Kiss FM.

A newspaper.
No preference.

A hobby.
Paddle tennis.

A console and a game.
Pro Evolution PlayStation.

A car.
Audi S3.

A language.
Catalan and English.

A country to live.

A place to relax.

A meal.

A drink.

A dessert.
Strawberries with cream.

A fruit.

An unforgettable memory.
The final in Paris.

A time of the day to make love.

A public figure.
Lance Armstrong.

An ideal woman.

A historical figure.
Neil Armstrong.

A superstition.
Entering the pitch with the right foot.

A vice.

A frustration.
I don’t have any.

A dream.
To play until 37.

A utopia.
To play to 37.

Translated by: Riis

This was the third and last part of this interview. You can read the previous part here:
Puyol: "I don't want to become a coach"
Puyol: "I think I could play until I'm 35 or 36"

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Anonymous said...

clasic puyol 300 movie haha

zairus said...

crackovia rules

a barcelona post match parody

FC Barcelona9 said...

A country to live.


kamikaze kontiki said...

A time of the day to make love.

Wats "Either". Either Before or After the game ?

barca4life said...

I was wondering about that traslation myself Kamikaze. I wondered if the translation should not have been anytime. But I dont know. Some things are lost in translation

tero said...

Snails? Very gourmet,Carles...

noubarca said...

@ Kamikaze, either is DAY OR NIGHT. Puyol is always ready to "fire"..and that's why he loves "snails" lol.. don't call me dirty. lol.

M10 said...

"A time of the day to make love.


AMJ said...

Haha, 300.


Audi fan said...

I heard all the Barcelona players drive Audis, is that true?

Too bad we don't get the S3 in the US but I still love my A4 :)

Smogen said...

I can warmly recomend the book Carles has as a favourite

ninzy said...

he's a total dude but with very surprising (sophisticated?) taste. i remember reading somewhere he's also into eastern philosophy and religion. interesting stuff. we have an uber cool capitan.

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