Saturday, 28 March 2009

Poll: Iniesta's best position

Read this analysis about the issue:
Iniesta, Left or Center?


georgi said...


deco said...

exactly :D
with all his technique and positioning he can play everywhere

i remember that iniesta play last man in the supercup against sevilla (which he did wonderfull)

Anonymous said...

The reason why FC Barcelona have had a lot of success in recent years is because we have had Wingers who score lots of goals like Ronaldinho and Messi. If we switch Iniesta to Winger position, we won't score as many goals. That's why I think it is best that we leave Henry and where he is or we can replace him with Ribery. I don't think Silva or Gourcuff or however you spell his name will be good because they doesn't score many goals. We need Iniesta in Midfield to create they chances for the Wingers.

noubarca said...

well said anon, Thats exactly my point. We need a LF who would score as much as henry or more. Not Silva. I say gte Ribery if you can

FC BARCA said...

what about Kun Aguero for the left wing?

Anonymous said...

Dzsudzsak for left winger!

tero said...

I think Iniesta can play both LW and attacking midfielder,but in midfield he is best...Silva or Ribery could be the answer in LW position

xaviesta said...

Iniesta and Xavi in midfield is definetly a perfect combination when you think about possession!
thats very important for our gamephilosophy! plus he is always good for a killerpass to the strikers!
I really like to see him as a attaking midfielder!

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