Friday, 27 March 2009

Barcelona wants to renew Valdes

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona wants to renew the contract of Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (27), that expires in the summer of 2010 (read more here).

The technical department of the club thinks that it’s almost impossible at this moment to buy a quality goalkeeper who can deal with the pressure at Barcelona like Valdés can and as a consequence there has been decided that they won’t sign another goalkeeper this year but will try to renew Valdés' contract until 2014.

Last season, Barcelona sports vice-president Marc Ingla would have started renewal talks with Valdés and his father, who is acting as his agent. Barcelona would have made the player four offers, the last one including a gross year salary of around six million euro, plus another possible two million euro in incentives.

Valdés signed his current five-year contract in the summer of 2005. His salary was then believed to be 2 million euro plus 1,5 million euro in incentives. The player also got the promise of Barcelona president Joan Laporta that, if everything went well, he would get a pay rise after three years.

That pay rise didn't come and Valdés now not only wants a renewal but also still wants to receive this promised pay rise. Sources closes to the club and the player also both denied to the paper that Valdés would have asked to earn as much as Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

Although a deal was close last year, it couldn’t in the end be finalized, also because Ingla left the club together with several board members in July. Since then, there have almost been no further contacts and the club has now decided to postpone all renewal negotiations until the end of the season.

Valdés would in the meantime have received three offers by interested clubs, one of them being AC Milan, that offers him a lot more than he’s currently earning at Barcelona. The priority of the Catalan goalkeeper is nevertheless to renew his contract with Barcelona.

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Milan wants Valdés to replace Dida (read more here). The goalkeeper would have signed a few days ago an agreement with player’s agent Ginés Carvajal, who also represents Real Madrid player Raúl and whose first task is to negotiate a contract extension with Barcelona.

But although Valdés wants to continue at Barcelona, it cannot be excluded that he will be willing to listen to the offer of the Italian club. And independent from him joining Milan or not, former Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard would be planning to include Valdés in his wish list if he would return to the bench this summer.

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tero said...

Please sign Asenjo and sell this sorry excuse of a goalkeeper to Milan

Marc said...

two words : PAY CUT

his performances have been average overall.. couple great saves and a couple howlers.. we could do with an upgrade

Bogman said...

I dont like the strategy from Laporta to promise increased pay "if it goes well". Its the same whith Touré, and he is also beeing cheated by Laporta. It's bad for the spirit of the players towards the club!

Anonymous said...

...he pulled off a decent save this past weekend... hopefully he gets a little confidence after that.

subhashis said...

If the club dont want to buy a new keeper..then we have to stick with valdes..but we hve to understand that valdes is no casillas..he cannot pull off some of the miraculous saves that casillas can. I would still prefer a new goalkeeper...may be valdes chapter is becoming monotonus. I would also like to see Pinto more under the bar..he is a real war-horse..and can relly be developed into a great goal-keeper

kamikaze kontiki said...

If this is true Valdes should take the 6+2 mill offer. I dont know how he is supposed to have dealt with the pressure at Barca. I would have assumed that would mean that he puts in consistent performances without making frequent and costly errors.

The disturbing thing is that his mistakes are usually errors in positioning and those caused by his nervousness in clearing the ball. I have no problem with his reflexes or shot-stopping ability but the sort of mistakes VV makes are ones which can surely be reduced by taking them seriously and attending to them in training.

VV will be making a big mistake if attempts to use the offers from other clubs, especially big ones like Milan, for leverage. He is yet to make the national team and there is a new keeper popping up every day in Italy. In Barca he is assured of a starting place, his mistakes are forgiven but he would be chancing his hand too far in believing that other clubs will handle him the same way. Once he moves away from Barca, his career is pretty much, close to finished.

On another note Laporta seems to be handling contracts a little too shrewdly. If you make a promise, you jolly well keep it. There have been no earth-shattering reasons for him to renege and Barca's financial stability is assured.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of him PLEASE he is a liability between our sticks he should pay Barca for letting him wear the shirt.

Mast said...

It's indead distubring that this is the second player we know of who haven't recieved what was promised them.. If you make a promise, then keep it!

especially with Touré, who has one of the lowest fees, even though he's critical to the side!

Romien said...

please sell this peace of nothing almost all Barca games lost are because him he is a coward not coming out on balls that are clearly for him to get :S sell and sign Asenjo,Felipe,Ochoa get somebody who got the balls

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