Thursday, 25 December 2008

Toure is again an option for Arsenal

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that Arsenal is again considering to make a bid for Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivory Coast international Yaya Touré (25) (read more here).

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has said at a press conference that the club is looking at the opportunities the market offers, now that Arsenal midfielder Cesc is out for three to four months with a knee injury: "We are more likely to buy in the January transfer window, but we are not desperate of it."

Touré would be one of the options Wenger has been studying. British tabloid The Daily Telegraph also includes the Ivorian midfielder in a list of possible January transfer targets.

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Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

yawn.. boring boring

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous...
dont sell yaya... i really like his style of playing...

Anonymous said...

I disagree, let him go.
Sergio is more than capable, so if we can get a good price, lets do it. Or better yet throw in some cash and get cesc in exchange.

Anonymous said...

Sören.. Sergio is good, but he is not really a DM.. He is a midfielder that can tackle.. But Yaya is a monster at what he is doing.. He completly destroys opponents attacks.

Anonymous said...

Before the clasico i was strongly in favour of a possible cash + toure for cesc deal. But after seeing yaya dominate in the clasico i dont think we should accept a bid for yaya or try to use him in any deal to get cesc.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you "barca4life"
don't sell him he is a monster in the midfield.

Anonymous said...

i don't think this gonna happen.
i heard british tabloid say
wenger is ready to buy yaya for 8m£・・・ only 8m£?

Anonymous said...

Wenger is a whining sore losing C#$t!!!! Always asks talks stupid figures when teams go in for his players, but offers insanely low figures for his targets.

I say we give him a stupid figure, like he would do to us eg 50million GBP!!!!

Anonymous said...

To: Søren Mortensen

It can't be put into action.
With the largest extent, Cesc is just an reforcement to our infrasture. But without Yaya, you would lose many matches in Liga.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Toure is what Barca have been missing for the last 10 yrs. To many seasons have we made the mistake of playing a Distributor as a Defensive Midfielder as Guardiola himself will tell you. There is no one better at winning the ball, breaking up attacks and regaining possession. Yaya is vital for Barca. For all those who cry out for Cesc i have to ask. Where do u expect to play him. Do you really think he is better than Xavi, so you can keep Xavi out of the team n play Cesc? Do you think its fair to keep a player like Cesc on the bench as back-up for Xavi? It would be silly to buy Cesc when we are the one team who have absolutely no need for him.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea is that Cesc would play along Xavi in the other attacking mid role.
Cesc will come back eventually on his own, there is absolutely no reason to sell yaya.


Anonymous said...

what about iniesta?
he is still living, right :-) ?

Anonymous said...

Iniesta started his career as a foward. he can play on the left and move into the midfield depending on the game situation.

Knives Out said...

We should definitely NOT sell this chap! As others have already pointed out, he is a monster in our midfield and has been a decisive force.

There is no way we should let him go. I really like the Keita/Toure combination which has been put into use recently due to Iniesta's absence. It has really shown why exactly we wouldn't let someone as classy as Toure let go!

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