Sunday, 22 March 2009

Match discussion: Malaga

This evening at 7:00 pm bt,
Barcelona plays the 28th league game of the season against Málaga.

Málaga squad list:
Arnau, Jesús Gámez, Ibán Cuadrado, Alberto Luque, Pere Martí, Fernando, Salva Ballesta, Apoño, Goitia, Hélder Rosario, Adriano, Duda, Eli, Manolo Gaspar, Cheli, Pablo Barros, Nacho, Lolo

Barcelona squad list:
Valdés, Pinto, Jorquera, Alves, Botía, Márquez, Cáceres, Sylvinho, Xavi, Víctor Sánchez, Touré, Busquets, Keita, Gudjohsen, Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o, Bojan, Henry, Hleb, Pedro

Read a match preview here

Re-live the first round game here


From two hours before until two hours after the game you can join a match chat (read more here)

Before (what are your expectations, what's your prediction, what should be the line-up,...), during and after the match, you can also comment on the game here.


noder said...

3:0 Messi double+Henry

topatop said...

i would take a 1-1 draw instead of losin iniesta and yaya 2 injury!..not now!

kamikaze kontiki said...

I have never felt as spoilt, in my life as now, when I watch Barca play.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Dunno about the injuries. Iniesta and Xavi are the 2 players who started, who have also been called up for national duty. Hope Toure's isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Touré is going to be injured in 15 days. He is not 100% in the match against Valladolid but he will be back against Bayern.

lostmyself said...

iniesta also could be out for two weeks.

Anonymous said...

So long as iniesta is back for Bayern I am happy. Hopefully pep will use some backups these two weeks... Give hleb a chance to play with the team. What a game for Xavi... I wouldnt worry about the injurys, this team is getting into their stride.

Iason said...

How do poeple know how long Iniesta and Toure will be out for? Where do you find the info just and hour after the game? Is the website in english?

Anonymous said...


You find these informations in Catalan sport-pages like but its in Spanish so you have to be able to read spanish to understand :). I'm Swedish but I can also speak and read Spanish.

Iniesta and Touré will be injured for apx 15 days and Xavi had some problems with his knee but it should not be a problem.

Iason said...

Thanks Anon! I can read spanish a little bit but my mom is from Venezuela so she can translate for me.

Kiki said...

you can also use google translate and translate whole page...simple ;)

Anonymous said...

Damn, they said that Iniesta is out for AT LEAST 15 days and that game against Bayern Munich is in 15 days! Iniesta always comes back a day or two early though so I'm pretty sure he will play for one half. Busquets and Keita can cover for Toure in the mean while. It's Hlebs time to shine!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed ... Hlebs finest hour!

Anonymous said...


fc barcelona official site.
(spanish version updates earlier than english one)

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