Monday, 23 March 2009

Poll - Man of the match: Malaga


Anonymous said...

the entire team was fantastic! every single player had their shining moments! so i must go with the entire team

noubarca said...

i went wiv the "the whole team".
Caceras, Unlce, VV, all did a good job and these were the people we had "doubts" about. The rest did their normal stuff, Ini, Xavi, Messi, Henry, Eto etc etc all deliveres as usual. Crisp Champagne football.

Riis said...

anyone who doesn't say Iniesta is crazy!

Even when he was replaced at the 60min mark.

blaugrana said...

Anyone who doesnt say xavi is crazy.

even when he was replaced on the 66th minute

krankuba said...

perfect teamwork! caceras was fantastic! i wanna see him again and again playin like this :>

Anonymous said...

anyone who doesnt say pinto is crazy.
even when he stayed on the bench the whole match:D .
seriosly i want to see the whole team win for once.

Fred_FCB said...

Not to forget, Sylvinho was very good

ninzy said...

i voted for the whole team but the standouts for me were xavi and caceres. solid game from the uruguayan, i thought he really stepped up, i forgot we had puyol for a moment lol.

and to the one who said it was xavi at his usual, i disagree somewhat. xavi's playing has been a little uninspired/tired lately but this time he took command and electrified the midfield with iniesta. they're fearsome out there lol.

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