Thursday, 26 March 2009

Video of the day: Eto'o

Uploaded by odn-barca4life


Anonymous said...

Ha... right around 6:10... steals the ball right off of Maxi's foot. God that dude sucked! I would take one Hleb or Eidur on my team any day over 20 of Maxi Lopez... what a loser.

Gilman said...

Great football "porn"; 7+ minutes; funny to see Maxi Lopez, better to see the likes of Ronaldihno and Deco in happier times.

Anonymous said...

The best striker available at the moment. I just hope that we will see him in Barca for many years forward.

Visca Eto'o!

Anonymous said...

hes good. great pace, great finishing. we should sign him:)

Kxevin said...

Okay, I'll be the party pooper. None of those most excellent goals had him in shirts featuring the UNICEF logo, which means....

The pace, the control, the shooting ability are all spectacular. I loved to watch it, and remember almost all of those goals.

But what this video also tells me is that we have two past-their-prime strikers, Henry and Eto'o, my Blaugrana heart is sorry to say. Yes, both are still exceptional and among the best around, but....

Could someone assemble an Eto'o goals video from the last few years with that many goals? Sure. Would the goals be that crazy good? No.

Now veterans are what make a championship side, and none of what I'm saying is meant to detract from the excellence of Eto'o as a striker.

barca4life said...

Ok in 04/05 etoo had 29 goals
in 05/06 etoo had 32 goals
in the following 2 years he had major operations on both his legs and still managed

06/07 - 17 goals
07/08 - 18 goals

this year he has been fully fit and has 29 goals so far with the opportunity to break his highest total ever of 32.

how in the heck is he past his prime? he is 28 still in his prime as a striker as far as i can tell and will be for another 2-3 years

just fan :D said...

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Kxevn said...

Because the goals have been easier this season. I've been doing a season-long Barca highlights DVD for my own long-term joy. Every goal, nice runs and bits of play (losses too, unfortunately). And the way the side has been going this year, and they have come easier. Messi raises the degree of difficulty, but for Henry and Eto'o, who have both had stunners aplenty this season to be sure, it's been like the front row at an "all you can score" buffet.

Eto'o just isn't as fast, and his control isn't as good. Can he still score in bunches? You bet, and I'm glad he's doing it for us. Same with Henry, who is fluffing goals that he would have scored in his sleep a few years ago.

It's just part of what happens to strikers. It's more than goal totals.

Anonymous said...

i remember like all these goals...and i dont understand when sum of u are saying he's past his prime? he's past his prime? what da fuck is dat comment about? he's way better now...he stil has the pace, speed, agility, control...the only difference is he's BETTer! damn! da dude is juss 28...and he turn 28 like last week! GET OVER IT! he's not henry is going to be...soo QUIT THOSE RUBBISH COMMENTS....HE HAS A GOOD 5 MORE YEARS TO STILL BE AT HIS PEAK AT THE BEST IN T HE WORLD! THAT'S EXACTLY WUT ETO'O IS: THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

Anonymous said...

Well said guys.....Kxevn i definately think your wrong there..he's a predator..and this is after the major operations on his knee..look at last season..28 is still prime age for samu buddy!!

harcilepke said...

Sometimes I'm dreaming about Villa. He was sensational during the Euro2008, as super as the rest of the team of course. And the papers talking about signing him. First I said woww, all my dreams can come true. And I wake up and see no place for him right now.
Because Eto'o knows how to position among 5-6 defenders, knows what Leo can do, all his movements and thoughts, konws perfectly Xavi's and Iniesta's way of passing, the Barca philosophy, and... he simple score goals, 25 of them in the league.
He doesnt show us how fast he is. Why? We dont run, we run the ball. Barca players sprint when the want to regain the possession. Our gamestyle require maximum level of technics passing and positioning. But we are fast just remember our counterattack against Sporting I think, the Iniesta Henry Eto'o one.
I think he is an element of the catalan express, a precious and irreplaceable part.
But what I know: Pep and Txiki will decide.

tero said...

This guy is pure magic.I truly hope he stays in Barca for many years.

BarcaTiger said...

Just goes to show ya, no matter how many goals you score you can't please everyone. Makes absolutley zero sense to me.

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