Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Guardiola sees a lot room for improvement

The team can still do better. The celebrations of the goals have to improve. Alves for example looked like a sick duck. And they have to wear their shirts in their trousers and their boots should be clean.

(click the cartoon to enlarge)


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kamikaze kontiki said...

LOL, Alves looked like a sick duck?

OLALEKAN said...

yes,i like the jubilations of alves,he loves dancing samba.

M4V3R1K said...

ROFL .. Nice one

Anonymous said...


tero said...

What about Eto'o and Henry military-style celebration against Malaga :D

A2J said...

is this cartoon by madrid-based paper or barca?

Nzuu said...

Lol, I have no problem with Alves' celebration. He looked okay.
And the boots have to be clean? hahahaha.

pep said...

Barcelona based website, A2J.

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