Sunday, 22 March 2009

Guardiola unhappy with transfer rumours

Asked about the rumours on players leaving or joining the club, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has asked the journalists at a press conference to have more respect for the players:

"You don't know whom we've contacted or how the negotiations are going. I know that, Txiki knows that. Because that's our job and this doesn't end here, there's another season after this one.

You are saying things that aren't true. You say that we have talked with players and agents while we didn't talk with players and agents. That's were you make a mistake. I would like to see more respect, for example for Samuel Eto'o who is here for many years and has scored many goals and now there are only rumours about possible substitutes.

I'll decide at the end of the season what will happen, together with Txiki. I will decide, not you. And at the end of the season, so you cannot know it already. It's a lack of respect towards a player who has already given so much to this club. Now the forward line for next season is already revealed. Which would mean we shouldn't worry too much about the tie with Bayern. If we already signed Ribéry, I'm sure he won't make it too hard for us.

There are seasons where the team is doing bad and isn't competing for the trophies anymore and then I would understand it better, but that's not the case now. I don't understand it, but we cannot control what is being published. We have to live with it and Eto'o will continue to score."

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Etsp said...

I love this man.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Good Point, More respect please. And it also reveals his thinking when he says Etoó has played at the club for yrs with success. Think Etoó will get a renewal as long as he doesn't make any outrageous demands.

Anonymous said...

My Wish list to the 2009 summer:


D.Alvés G.Piqúé C.Puyol P.Lahm

Xavi C.Fabregas J.Moutinho

L.Messi S.Eto T.Henry/(D.Silva)


Mihawk said...

Yeah, put Iniesta on the bench, play without a pivote and spend an incredible amount of money...
Better go back playin' EA's Football Manager...

Guardiola is so right, I can't hear that rumours anymore, they become more and more ridiculous every day.

Anonymous said...

Valdes Pinto Asenjo

Dani Alves Puyol Henrique Milito Marquez Pique Abidal Sylvinho

Toure Keita

Iniesta Xavi Gudjohnsen Busquets

Messi Silva Assulin Pedro Henry Jeffren

Eto'o Bojan

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Eto'o deserves a renewal and Henry deserves to stay and hopefully end his career here. Torres isn't moving. Ibra will probably end up in Madrid and Villa who knows?? I would still prefer Eto'o over Villa or Ibra any day. The forward line is working fine. There is no need to change it except bringing in Ribery or similar player. We lack depth in defence which should be our priority.

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