Monday, 29 December 2008

Barcelona wants to renew Marquez until 2012

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona plans to offer Barcelona central defender and Mexican international Rafael Márquez (29) a contract renewal.

Barcelona manager Guardiola considers Márquez to be a key player, one of those who can replace the coach on the pitch, and thinks there are no defenders like him available on the market.

Barcelona would therefore be considering to offer Márquez, whose current contract expires in 2010, an extension for two more years, until the summer of 2012.

Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia and other media confirm the intention of Barcelona to renew the Mexican defender, who joined Barcelona in 2003 when current Barcelona president Joan Laporta came to power.

Madrid sport tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain plans to renew Márquez until 2014, and minimum until 2012, and wants to offer the player comparable contract conditions as those of his centre back companion Puyol.

Begiristain made already a first informal contact on the renewal and now wants to start negotiating with the player's agent from next week on. It's assumed that Márquez also has the intention to stay longer with the club (read more here).

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that the wish of Márquez to end his career at Barcelona will make the renewal talks with the Mexican central defender easier.

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kamikaze kontiki said...

2012 mate, 2014 is pushing it. He has tended to pick up injuries and is a little slow. Has great game sense and is an important presence on the field though. Nevertheless, this isn't Italy, you need quick feet and the ability to move quickly, close mark in La Liga so 2012 will do fine.

Anonymous said...

If that's the case about being slow Kamikaze that this isnt Italy Puyol shouldve been sold along time ago he's slower then slow and make's many mistake's but god forbid he's 'catalan' and should alway's stay and start for Barca no matter what even if there's better player's then him!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, would inter sell zanetti? would milan sell maldini? would madrid sell raul? would juventus sell del piero? would man utd sell giggs scholes or neville? would liverpool sell gerrard? would chelsea sell terry or lampard? would bayern have sold oli kahn? The answer is a resounding no. So why on earth would barca sell puyol. he is the heart and soul of this team.

Anonymous said...

No one person is bigger then the club itself if u believe Puyol is the only reason Barcelona are they way they are you should prolly switch sport's where it's a individual thing like golf maybe?!

Anonymous said...

He is not the only reason barca are the way they are. But he is a key part of the team and quite frankly has been great this season. people say that he dropped off last year but nobody considers that he missed the first 2 months of the season as part of a 4 month layoff with a serious knee injury. of course you lose a step after something like that. he is not bigger than the team but he is our gerrard our maldini our raul. he is an icon of the club and anybody that can say he should be out of the team after all he has done for this club has absolutely no loyalty Worst of all is that he is having a great season.

kamikaze kontiki said...

I dont think puyol is slow. And he most often puts in more energy and plays with more dedication than others. Puyol has saved Valdes many a blush by covering for him when VV does something stupid n gets out of position.
But puyol seems to have little tactical understanding n is often out of position, his zeal getting the better of him. Also he tends to waste 10 mins of build-up and possession by making fool-hardy runs. his passion for the team's cause is obvious but he has to be handled better so that he corrects his errors. i think coaches tend to shy away from telling him what to do n this is a mistake due to which Puyol even after 10 yrs makes the same mistakes he used to make when he started. considering that over the yrs he played with Frank de Boer n Marquez both of who have excellent positional sense puyol is to a considerable extent responsible for our disorganised defense during this period.

Unknown said...

Good news...I love this mexican.

You guys are all is just unfortunate that at Barca to be a marquee player it seems like you need to be catalan. I am not Catalan and i dont want Puyol to wear a different shirt...but there are some none Catalan players who work for that shirt and should be given the same consideration...
N.B. Zaneti is not even Italian

Anonymous said...

Messi is not catalan and neither was ronaldinho figo rivaldo ronaldo or maradona and all of them were marquee players. Not to mention players like kluivert etoo stoichkov laudrup

Unknown said...

I am glad you made your point sir and we have seen how they were treated when things went wrong with the entire club. when Barca couldn't win last year Ronnie Eto'o and Deco miraculously took the fall...give me a break

you even added maradona??? what a joke?

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