Saturday, 25 October 2008

Marquez (2): "Guardiola admires my style"

In an interview with Catalan sports paper Sport, Barcelona central defender and Mexican international Rafael Márquez talked about the season so far.

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Many things have changed with the arrival of Guardiola, some things as small as being required to stay to eat after training sessions...
The manager has imposed his own set of manners and rules, in the same way in which there was a set of rules with the old manager that helped us win two league titles and a Champions League. Now, things run differently and I feel that there's a better sense of discipline and responsibility.

And all of this is reflected on the field?
Yes. Guardiola has introduced a lot of discipline and ambition into the team and wants us to always be on top of things and to be at our best. He says that he forgives errors because we're human, but that he won't forgive us for not doing our best.

Do you agree with him?
Yes, this is something that everyone should feel.

Guardiola confessed that he wouldn't understand the successes of Barça under Rijkaard without you. He said that you were a part of the core of that team. He holds you in high regard.
I'm aware. The first time we talked, he told me that he admires my style and that he wants to count on me for his new project. I was amazed that he thought of me like that. I'm aware that he speaks of me in high regard and I have nothing but gratitude.

Guardiola also says that tactically you're an important part of the team and that very few players in the world have your long ball.
I always do my best and try to play in my position as well as possible in order to help the team.

The manager thinks of you as a silent leader on the field. Do you also think of yourself like this?
It's a part of my personality to not be considered the protagonist or to attract attention. I don't intend to be a leader, but if the manager thinks that I should assume a responsibility, then I will. Although I feel that the leadership that he talks about is something that comes from my understanding of the sport.

Or because of your character.
Those who know me, know that I'm serious and quiet, and that I don't like attention.

But you can smile?
Of course, man!

Translated by: AL

This is the second part of this interview with Márquez talking - amongst other things - about the offers he received last summer.

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Anonymous said...

yo pep did you change the size of the grammar? am i the only one who sees giand letters?

i prefer the old style better....

on the topic ,there isnt a player in our squad now that will go out and talk bad about guardiola ,however if the team was losing then it would another thing....

i think the team plays great and that guardiola is the man for the job,others would do good too but i like that guardiola depends on the youth players(i see busquets becoming a world class player from nowhere in 1-2 years).pedro needs more time in now(i know he has been injured).also bojan is slowly improving and shows his potential.

lets see how far this team can go ^^

Anonymous said...

you are the only one!! :)

pep said...

The size and other things didn't change, Skanjos. It's probably your computer. I used another computer this week once and it also was bigger.

You have this on the homepage of the blog, right? Try clicking on the article, then you should have old style.

Anonymous said...

barcelona sucks only good player they have is henry guardolia sucks all there doing right now is messing up henrys career for all you fags to now

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