Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Almeria wants Bojan on loan next season

Spanish television channel Canal Plus claims that Almería is interested in Barcelona forward and Spanish international Bojan Krkic (18).

Almería would already have contacted Barcelona to sound them out on the possibility to sign the Catalan striker on loan next season. Bojan would be an option to replace Almería striker Negredo, who is expected to return to Real Madrid in the summer.

Catalan sports paper Sport unconfirmedly claims that Bojan's father was in Almería last weekend to negotiate on the loan deal. Almeria fan site Laudalmeria claims that the player's parents assisted the Almería-Numancia game on Saturday and that they would already have looked for a house in the Aguadulce neighbourhood. Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Almeía has denied the rumours saying that Bojan Krkic senior was in Almería as scout for Barcelona.

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rObReV7 said...

He should be the Second Striker Next Season, with more opportunities. He came on yesterday and had a golden chance, which goes to show what he can do. If he focuses on being just a striker like Eto'o, and not like a Messi, he will succeed! He has talent!

Iason said...

Bojan had a golden chance and he missed it! Credit should go to Daniel Alves who finally crossed for the first time in the match and it created real danger.

Anonymous said...

i dunno if hes not guarenteed good playing time mayb it wudn be such a bad idea. Being with Hugo Sanchez n all might work out rather well.
But i would prefer him to stay.

Anonymous said...

just go,i will never forget that chance yesterday,you cant miss that

rahul said...

bojan is an overrated player. hes not strong n how teh hell can a player miss an open goal from 2 yards. we seriously need players who is gud in teh air. llorente wud be an excellent buy this summer. has awesum skill, shot accuracy is really good, can shoot from long distances n is an excellent header of teh ball. apparantly alves's crosses r going no where, he provides such awesum balls into teh box no one to take them bt wit llorente n alves providing such gr8 crosses wud surly work gr8.

lån said...

He came on yesterday and had a golden chance, which goes to show what he can do.

Garage Door Installation said...

oooh missed it. The chance is lost.

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