Sunday, 26 April 2009

Quote of the day: Iniesta

Nobody said you don't have to suffer to win the league.

Andrés Iniesta, Barcelona player


noubaca said...


to those who are moaning, thats the WORD for y'all

Marc4barca said...
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ponnyKID said...
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ponnyKID said...

sooooooooo wackkkkkkkkkkkk
come on barca! 4pts..i cud already here the shitasss mediaaaaa .. real real .....shutt hell up.........Visca el BARCA!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what makes me sooooo angry is: real is playing so lucky and they're always winning. they never play like barca do. the are lucky and at the end they win but i promise you: on saturday they will get their ass busted!!!!

Messi108 said...

Sevilla played total shit tdy.
1st half they had more than 4 opportunities and they never took it.
2nd half ??
Defence was out of sorts. Midfield was a disarray. Attack was invisible.
And more than anything else .... BAD LUCK !!
Raul got lucky 3rice. It was not a hat-trick was a bloody Luck-trick.
he was in the right place @ the right time.
Suck it !!

Now ...... Its GAME ON at El Clascio.
That ll be the title decider.

Marc4barca said...

i bet valencia will play the same shit against real madrid. barca have to win el classico.

Meursault said...

Don't think we should worry about how well third team's play against Madrid, because our game against them will probably be decisive.

Speaking of which, now that it's close, can someone with better Spanish than mine please clarify what the tiebreaker in the Primera is this year? Is it like 2007, head to head goal difference before overall goal difference or (the fairer) overall goal difference first like in all other major leagues? I thought it was the former, but now see a quote from Guardiola about (overall) goal difference. NOT KNOWING IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! Thanks in advance for your responses.

Marc4barca said...

it's head to head record.. goal difference only counts if the first and second place team have each won with the same scoreline or have drawn both matches.

sashi said...

Nothing to worry... the tiresome season is drawing its close and its getting agonisingly tighter for us... but i have alll the confidence in the world in our team to go all the distance to win in all 3 competitions... atleast 2(La liga n Copa Del Rey - touch wood)... Gooo Barca... destroy Shit Madrid at the Bernabeu and show the world who the leaders of Spain are...

and my worst thing is... im travelling on El Classico night... :( feeling sooo bad....

Davis said...

Very true Iniesta.
Here's a quote that I like from Xavi that i just read

“We can out-pass you and we can out-think you – that is our brand of football.”

ElovesBarca said...

I'm worrying now.... after watching Sevilla game against RM.... damn ~ I thought Sevilla got chances..and they failed me.... I hope our squad will hold the same strength in classico after facing chelsea match... please God, no injury from CL.

We got to win in Classico...

Visca El Barcaaaaaaaaaaa

Amar said...

dont worry elovesbarca.

sevilla has been inconsistent and real 'madshit' has been opportunistic. they willl lose agains valencia and probably against villareal.

whatever is happening was expected we have a tight schedule. now we play the toughest week of the season. its make or break. we can win everything or lose everything in one week. it all depends on the fitness of the players.

i think we can beat chelshit at camp nou but the one at stamford bridge we wont win.. we will be too tired.we need to win at least 2-0 to go thru.
i wonder who is the asshole who made these fixtured. he must get his ideas out of his ass.

as far as classico is concerned guardiola will go at full force!!

i dont know y but i feel my hatred for madrid growing every week. whenever i think of madrid i think of cheaters. they dont seem to win any match convincingly. they just grind out result.

i hope barca destroys them.


Anonymous said...

have you seen that asshole marcelo? when he scored the 4:2 he pointed with his fingers to god. his so schizophrenic.

Meursault said...

Now that I know it is, despite Guardiola's recent comments, a head to head and not (overall) goal difference tiebreaker (thanks marc4barca), it makes it even more ridiculous to me that the superclassico would be scheduled between the two Champions League semi-finals ties. So we must no lose by more than two goals or let them win 3-1 or 4-2. Given that these two games are sooo important (6 pointers + tiebreaker), they should have at least played them in weeks when both teams would be guaranteed the same amount of preparation (eg after a midweek round in the league) or in a week without CL at all. I still think we can win there with our superior football, but worry about how tired some of our players are going to be compared to Madrid's and am disappointed that having gone so far in the CL could disadvantage us so much in the league because of stupid fixturing. Spain needs to have a look at how it organises it's league if it wants to compete better with the ugly football but well-organised Premier League.

What a week coming up. Visca el Barca!

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