Thursday, 30 April 2009

Toure: "We want to finish the league"

Barcelona player Yaya Touré gave an interview to Spanish weekly sports paper Don Balón.

What a season your team is having...
It's very good so far and not only because of the results. The way we're playing is valuable.

Is it hard having to play that much games in all competitions at the end of this season?
It's not easy to compete for three trophies at the same time. Every three days we have a game, that is every time more difficult.

That's why the whole world is jealous of your squad...
Yes, at this moment we have more than 20 quality players. Let's hope that leads to the three trophies at the end of the season.

Is it a disadvantage to play the second game away in the Champions League?
It's quite a bad thing but we're used to play this kind of games and we have a great squad. It would be a very great honour for the club and for us to win that game. It would be valued a lot. For me, this semi-final against Chelsea is an anticipated final.

Who would you point out from Chelsea's squad?
All their players. They have an impressive and large squad, although I think we're technically better.

You would put your money on the treble?
That's even bigger than a dream. It really won't be easy. All we can do is continue to work like we've done until now and later on we'll see.

The good series of Madrid is asking a lot from you...
The two teams are showing to be strong. If we want to win this league without many problems, we should win all the games left.

Defeating Real Madrid in the Bernabéu would be the icing on the cake of a wonderful season...
We can beat them on their stadium. They did the same last year with a goal of Baptista and we are motivated to get a win there to show we're stronger.

Are you surprised by Madrid's results since the arrival of Juande Ramos?
It's a team that doesn't play very well but mentally and physically they're very good. What they're doing is impressive but we want to finish the league and we're going for the win.

For Real Madrid it will be the last opportunity.
I've heard them say several times that they will beat us but I guess that will be quite difficult.

One of the keys of the resurrection of Madrid has been the arrival of Lass Diarra, a player who plays at the same position as you. What do you think of him?
It's a good player like all players of Real Madrid, although for me Raúl sticks out. But I'm most focusing on my own team. We have incredible midfielders like Xavi and Iniesta. I prefer the players of Barcelona over those of Real Madrid.

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Shaim said...

It's a team that doesn't play very well...pretty straightforward, Yaya. lol

noubarca said...

Well said Yaya (IronMan)Toure. Lets thump them at their yardy.

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