Saturday, 2 May 2009

Match discussion: Real Madrid

This evening at 8:00 pm bt,
Barcelona plays the 34th league game of the season against Real Madrid.

Real Madrid squad list:
ICasillas, Dudek, Sergio Ramos, Metzelder, Cannavaro, Heinze, Torres, Lass, Gago, Javi García, Faubert, Drenthe, Parejo, Marcelo, Robben, Van der Vaart, Higuaín, Raúl, Huntelaar

Barcelona squad list:
Valdés, Jorquera, Alves, Puyol, Piqué, Cáceres, Abidal, Sylvinho, Xavi, Touré, Busquets, Keita, Gudjohsen, Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o, Bojan, Henry, Hleb

Read a match preview here

Re-live the first round game here


From two hours before until two hours after the game you can join a match chat (read more here)

Before (what are your expectations, what's your prediction, what should be the line-up,...), during and after the match, you can also comment on the game here.


bojan said...

alves - pique - puyol - abidal
---xavi - iniesta
messi - eto -- henry

official !!


showtime !!

FCB! said...


Nico said...


Anonymous said...

For all the Real Madrid b*tches. You were trashed at home, humiliated in front of your own fans. Totally outplayed. 6 goals past Iker Casillas is the proof that WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! BARCA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
real madrid 2 - 6 FC BARCELONA

skanjos said...

damn that game was an advertisment of football. every single of our players was amazing(if you exclude the first goal we conceded).the performance of our players was out of this world,this game should be given to teams to show to their youth players how a team must play (even when playing in opponent court).

speechless what to say ,cant wait for wednesday

LéonDrágon Clarté said...


Etsp said...

This is hands down the most fantastic football game I have ever seen. Brilliant! And if Pique plays like that at Stamford Bridge, I'm not at all worried about our defence!

barcan said...

Men...I feel like i'm in heaven:).
Thank you God because you made such a club...BARCA!!! Allways in my heart!
Visca el Barca, el Barca campeon!

mofof said...

Mes que un club! This game proved it once again. FC Barcelona, I love you with all my heart!

What a performance. Simply amazing, brilliant, outstanding. All our players played great. I'd say that only Alves and Eto'o weren't on their usual level, but everyone else was amazing. Pique is a defense god. Xavi is a midfield god. Messi is an attacking god.

So, La Liga is ours. The Cup is ours. Let's now trash Chelsea and whoever we meet in the final and win the CL also.


bojan said...

My birthday is on 18 september but this is my present :D


Anonymous said...

Just Barca boys, just Barca!

barca_boy said...

this is the best night of my life, thank you Barca, thank you xavi, thank you messi, thank you puyol, thank you titi, thank you eto'o, thank you valdes, thank you pique, thank you dani, thank you abidal, thank you iniesta, thank you yaya, thank you keita, thank you bojan, thank you sergi, thank you PEP. We showed the whole world who we really are WE'RE THE BEST... AND MADRID FUNS SHUT YOUR BLOODY MOUTH.


veteran said...

Barca has sent a message not only to london but the entire universe that; we are and always will be the champions. winning and scoring 6 goals in madrid is a step that proves that we are capable of scoring lots of goals in standford bridge. playing classical football with good results in very outstanding. Not like the defendive minded English teams that always win games ugly.

John-Reid said...

Man of the Match? Where to start...

Valdes - 6.0 Solid. Didn't have much of a chance with the goals

Abidal - 4.5 Started off really weak, but did greatly improve as the match went on. He failed to truly contain Robben

Puyol - 5.0 Great header, but seemed a little shaky. Although it wasn't entirely his fault, Higuain should not have been given so much space for the first goal.

Pique - 8.5 Best defender of the game. Stopped countless Real attacks and scored a brilliant goal. While the other defenders looked shaky, Pique was fantastic.

Dani Alves - 6.0 Solid, but not outstanding. His freekick was his highlight of the match.

Yaya Toure - 6.0 Strong and imposing. Held down the midfield well, but didn't have any incredible moments

Iniesta - 7.0 Great, as always, but was a little too unselfish. He should have shot a couple times when he passed, but still, a good game.

Xavi - 9.0 Four great assists. What more can you do besides score?

Eto'o - 4.5 Never really got into the game. He was the only player that didn't really seem to fit the system. He had a couple good shots and passes, but his highlight would probably be his okay assist to Pique or his early volley.

Henry - 9.0 One of his best Barca games ever. Had some great moves and two great finishes. Too bad he got injured, or he might have gotten a hat-trick.

Messi - 8.5 Great as always. Two really calm finishes and a great assist to Henry.

Bojan - (6.0) One nice move and pass is all I can really grade him on.

Keita - (5.5) Did his job, but average.

Busquets - (N/A) Barely touched the ball.

Man of the Match? It's really hard to say. Henry got two morally important goals, Xavi got 4 assists, Messi scored twice and got an assist, and Pique did excellent defending and scored.

I'd put them in this order:

1st - Xavi
2nd - Henry (Really close for 1st. I'd almost say tie)
3rd - Pique
4th - Messi

Reasoning: Without Xavi there too make the assists, it probably would have been a tie game. They might have even lost without him holding the midfield. Henry scored the two all-important confidence building goals and played well. Pique did amazing defensively and scored, and Messi, although he statistically did better than Henry, didn't score the vital goals. (Please don't hurt me!) But he still did EXCELLENT! It's just that Xavi, Henry and Pique did better.

I know I'm rambling, but WHAT A GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mofof said...

Ramzi, if you're reading this, I'd like to ask to you tactically analyze this game (at least some vital things). I don't know much about tactics, but I saw that Alves was stopped, Messi played in the middle, etc. Guardiola is tweaking some things?

Noder said...

That was a game we've been waiting through the whole season! Piqué is the man of match, but the whole team played extraordinary. Pep, pls post a video of whole match so that we'd enjoy it for long

FC BARCA said...

Best football match i seen in a long time. La Liga is ours and a great team performance. No doubt Xavi was Man of the Match, 4 assists and controlled the mid field. Congratulations to all.

Anonymous said...

Who the hack u think u are John-Reid for giving TOure a 6.0 and Iniesta a 7.0 go f uck urself u aint a barca fan at all. Idioot to make such as those comments in this glorious day.

VIsca el Barcaa

veteran said...

Jonh reid, u did not watch the match. i am sure u listen the commentery from the radio. Because Eto did not score u rated him 4.5. the entire team did well that is how a real Barca fan analyse this kind of games. iniester and a lot more players did more than what u rated them.

barca_boy said...


Casillas 7 - Helped to keep the score down amidst some fierce Barcelona pressure. A positive showing even though he was clearly distraught at times. He deserves better. (And Henry's second wasn't his fault.)

Sergio Ramos 6 - A delicious cross for Higuain's goal early on and his header to score was very well-taken. But on a night on which he had to balance his role, he failed in his defensive duties. (That said, was removing him really the right option for Juande Ramos?)

Fabio Cannavaro 4 - Many people still entertain the idea that Fabio Cannavaro remains a top-level performer. I am not one of these. He held his line well enough but he hasn't the pace or imagination to cope anymore.

Metzelder 4 - Came in at a very difficult time for his side and, true to form, had a difficult evening.

Heinze 3.5 - Was always cast as a potential liability and thus it proved as he sold the jerseys for the Henry equaliser, and while he recovered after that he was again at fault at the fifth.

Robben 7 - A bright start from the Dutchman, but he couldn't do it all himself

Lassana Diarra 5 - Again, Lass started brightly, but he gave away a cheap goal and never regained his composure after that. He deserves praise for covering so much ground and being positionally aware, but it was a poor display.

Gago 4.5 - The game almost completely passed him by, and his languid, considered style was not suitable for this derby. With Madrid playing so far up the pitch he needed to chip in with more defensive duties, but couldn't.

Marcelo 6 - One of the better performers, Marcelo was surprisingly substituted at a time when his pace and invention looked like Madrid's only way of getting back into the game.

Higuain 7 - Took his header wonderfully to open the scoring and otherwise was a danger. Will be terribly disappointed with how the Liga campaign has ended despite his best season to date.

Raul 5 - Not even the captain extraordinaire could rescue his side this evening as he struggled to make an impact.


Huntelaar 5 - Barely touched the ball, but was thrown in at the deep end by a coach short of ideas.

Van der Vaart 5.5

Javi Garcia N/A


Victor Valdes 7 - Could have done better for Madrid's second goal but came off his line well at other times.

Dani Alves 7.5 - Energetic as always, and while he wasn't a direct assister for goals he was suitably menacing up and down that flank.

Pique 9 - I may have criticised him in the past, but this was a great performance. Gerard was confident, astute, and even chipped in with a goal. Can he keep it up?

Puyol 7 - Completely at sea for Real Madrid's opener. Then, of course, he pops up at the other end to score with a well-taken, albeit free, header. Redeemed himself nicely as Madrid's heads went down.

Abidal 7- Had a lot of work to do between dealing with Sergio Ramos and Arjen Robben, so deserves a bit of sympathy, but he was not up to the challenge at all times. Still, not too bad.

Xavi 8.5 - Just call him Mr. Through Ball. He made it look so easy - granted, with the aid of some poor Madrid defending - as time and again he sliced open the back line.

Yaya Toure 7.5 - Did enough to keep the pressure on Madrid at a time when they might have been able to move the ball quickly out of defence.

Iniesta 7.5 - Started slowly, but his wizardy on the ball was worth waiting for as he hit his stride. Not his best performance, but still a cut above what most players could provide.

Messi 9 - Helped to turn the tide of the match with that opening assist, and it was all one way from there as the youngster enjoyed a fine evening.

Eto'o 6.5 - Looks jaded and creaky, and not the predator that he was earlier in the season. Nothing really seemed to come off for him until that late assist for Pique, which admittedly showed his spirit.

Henry 9.5 - A majestic showing both on and off the ball. Two goals? That's the least his night's work deserved. Not only has he silenced his doubters, but he has them bowing at his feet. What a performance!


Keita 6.5 - Came in to make sure a job done stayed finished, and that's what he did.

Bojan N/A

Busquets N/A

XAVI DESERVE 10 NO DOUBTS, iniesta 9 and yaya 9 for me (=

koko=barca said...

Xavi had 4 assists!!!! woohoooo

Aussie Barca Fan said...

This is the first time EVER an away team in this fixture has scored 6 GOALS. Madrid should count them. FC Barcelona, I solute you for your contribution to football.

John-Reid said...

I did watch the game. I meant the volley shot early on when Xavi played it to Eto'o on the right side, the ball bounced up and he shot it towards the top right corner of the net and Iker saved it. That was his best shot of the game. I didn't say it was a goal, I just said "volley". Eto'o did almost nothing to contribute to the team. And I am not anti-Eto'o. I really like him, but today (and the last 5 games) he has been off form. He only had about 2 shots the entire game and maybe one was on target. His assist was the only bright spot for him. I'm not saying he hurt the team, but I am saying that, at least for today, Eto'o failed to make an impact.

As said, he "Looks jaded and creaky".

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh on Iniesta, but he really should have shot. 7.5 at most for him. And, once again, I am a really big fan of Iniesta and he has definately been Barca's best player for the past month. Without him, I don't know where Barca would be.

Yaya was good but not amazing. I stand by that. 6.5 at most.


Hung said...

Here is the video, folks


Knives Out said...

I don't need to say anything :D

koko=barca said...

Guys can you tell me where can I find the statistics from this match. With the passes, crosses and everything else.

Hung said...

@ koko=barca


koko=barca said...

I meant the player statistics, not teams. Thanks anyway, I know that site.

Anonymous said...

that was better than sex.

CharlesWood said...

Thanks for the justice!!!!
The best team in the world won

ej said...


“Losing the way we did is very painful, but what may hurt more isl losing 0-1 in the last minute. Barcelona are a great team and little more can be said. Congratulations to them.”

“Despite getting off to a good start, Barcelona dominated the match. I am saddened because we have working very hard.”

“I think Barça was sensational. They are a great team and nothing can be done against them. There are still twelve points in play, so let's see what happens.”

“Madridista fans can demand a lot from their players when up against a team like Barcelona in the Bernabeu, but little more. We couldn't stop the never-ending movement by Xavi and Iniesta.”

“They played a great match and were able to overcome our pressure, which wears out the opponent. After we pulled closer they scored the fourth goal.”

“It's a painful defeat because we see everything we have worked hard for slip away. We have fought hard all year to accomplish our goal.”

“The team is upset because we like to do our job well and we have feelings. We are sad that we upset our fans.”

Inieeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

pffff... this was by far the best rush i ever had... 70 minutes of absolute beauty that proved football isn't completely gone to the tall and strong. our little wizards messi, iniesta and xavi play in my opinion the best football we've ever seen. And i also believe that this result will be a big motivation ahead of the chelsea clash, a clash that now seems the clash of styles. let's hope football wins on wednesday!!
henry- you're a football legend, enough said.

jester[HUN] said...

The liga is ours FORCA Barca the best team the best of all the best attack: MESSI ETO'O HENRY

Shubham said...

There is a God... and there is Justice.

Football has been redeemed!!

Thanks to the squad and Pep Guardiola.

And thanks once again to u pep for such a great blog... its now a part of me.

i can't comment from my office since its blocked... but i'm always on ur page.... always

AydinK-1 said...

Best of the best.
We showed that justice always win.
League is ours and now we go in a hunt for Rome.
Cheers guys!!!

jazzy said...

didnt watch the match..
but i dont care right now..
and remember
pique made his dream come true. He scored in classico!!

Anonymous said...

Guardiola said Saturday’s win at the Bernabéu “will do the squad a lot of good”. As they have done all season, they will be looking for the win at Stamford Bridge. “We will go to win, to attack, and to qualify for the final in Rome. Chelsea know that”.


Congratulations Barcelona!

Does this mean chelsea wont be leaving their half of the field for the 2nd leg of the barca game?

Well Well Well now a lot of people will understand the coward behavior of Chelsea Tuesday. The only way you can stop Barca is by playing anti football. Real had no change they had to attack. Chelsea will have to attack on Wednesday too so we will wait and see what will happen!

Nzudzanyo said...

This was an orgasmic experience. Nothing less. I'm straight, but I can openly state that I love these Barca Players a lot. A weekend without seeing their play is a pain in my heart. This game was epic and I will make sure I get the full match on download.

Ramzi said...

mofof you say, I obey lol

I wrote something about the game, Pep will publish it later.


Aussie Barca Fan said...

I have read some people write that Madrid were not scared of us. That they came out and attacked us. They sure did and got taught a footballing lesson. But that aside, they had no choice but to attack us. They were down 4 points in the league. Madrid should not be applauded for attacking! If they were 4 points up in the league they would have played 'anti football' like Chelsea. I am sure all the Chelsea supportors are going to say the same thing on Wednesday. They will come out and attack Barca. Hopefully they will get taught another football lesson. Justice has been serviced tonight and hopefully on Wednesday too :-) Visca el BARCA!

Albert said...

over confident real madrid. Pique became a leader yesterday.
will become the next puyol

Marc4barca said...

i'm sooo sorry i wasn't in the chatbox and not watching the match i was on a plane back to barbados but i'm happy to see the result, only if i knew the scores before i got home i would of blasted the 2 real madrid fans(friends) that were with me.

next demolition - chelsea

kamikaze kontiki said...

Pep, for quote of the day you have the Anony above " that was better than sex. "

Yes it was, 10 times better !!! I am yet to get over the exhileration.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Ok, I read to all the comments and I am a little disapointed to see all the flak that Eto'o is getting.

To be fair to him, he was made to drift wide by Pep and u can imagine how reluctant he must have been to not play in a goalscoring position. This guy dreams every night not of winning the Pichichi, not of scoring a gazillion goals against meagre opposition but of SCORING AGAINST MADRID.

For him to accept a role which he isn't fond of and stick to it... please APPRECIATE THE SACRIFICE and the dedication to the team cause.

Pique scored, like I said he would. I should have put money on it because there was nothing I was more certain of.

Pep Guardiola changed things for this one and a lot of credit is due to him. The normal Barca passing which is usually close to the edge of the penalty area was closer to the halfway line. It is a calculated risk, counting on the entire team's ability to not give away possession.

This created a space between the Madrid defense and their midfield - A Hole perfect for Messi to operate from.

Another thing this (keeping possession closer to the middle of the pitch) did was: it allowed the team to operate in energy conservation mode, without having to do the running to regain possession since there were already so many Barca men behind the ball.

In fact, the best thing about this performance was how easy it was, Barca playing the entire match in energy conservation mode, keeping the defense compact, getting men behind the ball, hardly doing any running.

Imagine that, if we had gone all out what would the scoreline have been 12-2, 15-2 ? And Madrid knew it, I think it was Raul who was quoted as saying "We were frustrated by our own impotence". Get used to it son, thats what Barca does to you and what we will keep doing for many more years.

Lawrenzo said...

Well, pep how is henry's fitness level. He was substituted. I love Barca more.

barca aficionado said...

saw this comment from a reader on
"when men created football, GOD created BARCELONA.."
a great quote of the day don't u think?

Messi108 said...

"when men created football, GOD created BARCELONA.."

Awesome Quote !

ponnyKID said...

BarCA till i die!!!!

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