Saturday, 2 May 2009

Special shirt for the cup final presented

Barcelona has yesterday presented the shirt that the players will wear during the Cup final against Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday 13 May and that is put for sale from today on.

A few changes are made to the shirt that has normally been used during the current season. On the chest, the logo of sports supplier Nike is added at the left as is, in the centre, an inscription containing the opponent, the place and the date of the game below the 'senyera', the Catalan flag:

Copa del Rey 2009
Athletic Club vs
FC Barcelona
Valencia / 13 mayo


Andrezinho said...

It´s a winner!!

Flippy said...

Hey Pep, do you know where anyone can get the Barca jersey with MES logo?
I've also checked online about these jerseys and I haven't seen this one yet.

pep said...

Check this site for the MES shirts, Flippy:

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