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[2008] Guiza agent confirms Barcelona interest

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Nuria Bermúdez, the wife and one of the agents (together with Félix Moneo) of Mallorca forward Dani Güiza (27), has confirmed in an interview with Italian football site Tutto Mercato Web that Barcelona is one of the clubs that is following the Spanish international (read more here): "I think it will be difficult for Daniel to stay in Mallorca, since also a big club like Barcelona has now shown interest."

At this moment Güiza wants to focus on finishing the season with Mallorca before taking a look at the offers that are also coming in from countries like Italy, England or Russia: "There has not yet been an official contact between Mallorca and interested clubs, no formal offer has been made. In a few weeks time, my husband and I will evaluate the different possibilities together with my business partner."

Dani Güiza played before for Barcelona B on loan from Recreativo Huelva. In the first half of 2003, he scored 5 goals in 15 matches in a team with current Barcelona players Víctor Váldés, Albert Jorquera, Oleguer Presas and Andrés Iniesta, who came close to the promotion to the Spanish Second Division. Güiza, a declared madridista, nevertheless has always said that Barcelona didn't treat him well by not giving him a real chance.

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