Thursday, 30 April 2009

Eto'o wants to continue at Barcelona

Asked about the renewal of his contract that expires at the end of next season (read more here), Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) has said in an interview with Catalan television channel TV3 that he wants to stay at the club:

"I've talked with Laporta and I told him that, with everything we're playing for now and out of respect for my team-mates, it would be a lack of respect if I would go to his office now to talk about salaries or ask for a pay rise or to talk about the duration of a contract, five or six more years.

When the season ends well, I'm sure Pep will tell me: "Hey, black guy, I'm happy, go and talk with Jan" (Barcelona president Joan Laporta). For me, Barça is my future. If I wasn't happy, I would already have spoken about it with Jan. If it was for him, we would already have sit down and talked. I want to stay at the club and I hope to play many more years here. When I decide to stay and shook Guardiola's hand, that wasn't only for one season. One thing is clear: I will never return to Real Madrid, although I'm grateful for the chance they gave me.

This is my best year of the five years I've been at the club, the year in which I'm enjoying myself the most. Winning any trophy is always difficult but it's already a privilege to be were we are. The two seasons before were very hard, but now there has only been happiness. After having suffered two major injuries, I kept on scoring but it's only now I've started to feel important again."

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Koyya said...

can someone tell me
what will be our back 4 for Chelsea match!!!
will we go for 3-4-3 formation??

Koyya said...

Rafa Marquez ,Martin Caceres and Gabriel Milito are injured.
Puyol is suspended. :(
sorry Eto'o to comment it here !!

Amir said...

if etoo continues to miss goals like this i don't see him in barca next year :( sorry but that's my opinion

noubarca said...


And I think Eto deserves to stay. The grass is not always greener. The only person I would like to have in Villa, he is good and a realistic option.
Please dont mention Toress as we all know he wouldnt be coming here for now

Anonymous said...

"Hey Black GUY" does pep really refer to eto as "Black guy"??? LOL... Hey Black Guy score a goal at stamford and show how pathetic of an effort Chelsea really put forth

barcacanada said...

i think he and henry have a good friendship? if that is the case, and if henry is released, then etoo may want to go as well. just a random thought.

fcbee said...

I don't think they are that close...

And I don't understand people who want to get rid of him. He's having his best season ever, he shows he can perform in the 4-3-3, something that very few strikers can, so you want to take an expensive risk of buying Villa for 50 or Ibrahimovich for 70 million euro? Think twice instead of always wanting to change and think others are better. Like Xavi and others, he deserves a pay rise and that's it.

noubarca said...

I can tell you Sammu and Titi are very very close. They like eachother so so much. And I would love Sammu to stay

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