Thursday, 30 April 2009

Messi not thinking of other clubs

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Manchester City (read more here), Barcelona attacker and Argentine international Lionel Messi (21) has said in an interview with Britsh men's lifestyle weekly magazine ShortList that he's not considering to leave Barcelona:

"I only think of Barcelona and not of any other clubs, including Manchester City. Of course, such interest from other teams is flattering but my place in the world is in Barcelona with this club. Even though interest from England makes me feel good, my feelings for Barcelona haven't changed and I wish to stay here.

Barcelona have a better history, so it seems difficult to me that a club like Manchester City could ever be as big as Barcelona. Maybe after a period of time it could be achieved but I don't believe it is something that will happen overnight. In Spain for example, Villarreal are now competing with the biggest teams in Europe and the club is widely respected. So it is perhaps not impossible for Manchester City to achieve something similar, but they will have to be patient. "

Messi repeated his wish to stay at Barcelona during an award ceremony yesterday night: "I'm very comfortable at Barça and I have everything I need in Barcelona. My family is also feeling very good here. I wouldn't change Barça for anything. Money doesn't make you happy."

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maximi83 said...

"Money doesn't make you happy!"

That's wise "la pulga".

I also love you messi and Barca can give you much more love back than any other club in the world !!!

Visca el Barca y visca el pulga!!

SJP said...

thats what i like most about barca players not only are they incredibly talented they all, especially messi, seem incredibly humble, the type of blokes you want to go for a pint with! long may messi stay with barca, its the perfect partnership.

Radumus said...

Hahahaha Messi to Man City.

Msg to the Sheik owner of Man City. Messi is NOT Brazilian. Why don't you buy Adriano instead.


Barca will be as good as it gets in club football for Messi. The question is not will he leave but how much glory he will achieve for himself and the club by the time he is done.

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