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[2008] Deal with Coloccini

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona has recently reached a personal agreement with Deportivo La Coruña central defender and Argentinian international Fabricio Coloccini (26).

Barcelona will now have to find a deal with Deportivo, who has promised Coloccini that he can leave this summer. While Deportivo president Augusto Lendoiro was asking last summer a transfer fee of 9 million euro° for the player who has a contract until 2011, it is now expected that the player will leave for a price between 12 and 15 million euro°.

The tabloid claims that Racing Santander central defender Ezequiel Garay (21) was Barcelona's first choice but that the option was rejected after the player got injured earlier this year. In the end, the Barcelona technical staff chose Coloccini cause of his speed, his strength in one-on-one situations, his scoring ability and the fact that he can play on the right and on the left.

Asked about the new rumours, Coloccini denied at a press conference that there is already a deal: "One always tries to make progress and reach the top in the world of football. And at this moment, Barcelona is amongst the best teams in the world. But I'm playing for Deportivo and I have to have respect for the shirt that I'm wearing. All of this are rumours: there is no break-through and nothing is certain."

The Argentinian defender made clear that all he wants now is to focus on his current club, who can still qualify for the Champions League, and that he will not talk with his agent Marcello Lombilla until the season is over: "And my agent cannot close a deal without contacting me to give the final yes or no."

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

° 9 million euro =
14 million us dollar
7 million british pound

12-15 million euro =
20-24 million us dollar
10-12 million british pound
30 April, 2008

Anonymous said...

Coloccini is crap.

I really don't understand how a club like Barcelona can have such a poor sport director as Txiki.

He missed out on Modric who signed for Tottenham of all clubs, for under €20m.

Fuera Txiki!

jordy said...


jordy said...

i think modric is a little bit too expensive too.. 12m would be fair
I hope they sing garay, pjanic and ribery

I also hope ronnie stays because he is an asset wich henry is not en never will be.

He didn't run yesterday, messi had to shout that he needed to put pressure on vd sar. shameless this bloke

Iason said...

Thierry Henry never will be an asset? I love taking a look back like this. Thierry Henry has scored almost the same amount that Ronaldinho did and has gotten a good number of assists as well. Of course, he isn't Ronaldinho but Ronaldinho wasn't the one playing out of position.

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