Sunday, 26 April 2009

Poll - Man of the match: Valencia


pep said...

You can vote until 12 pm tomorrow. Multiple votes are not counted.

groga said...

Iniesta no doubt. Only one from our attacking guys (xavi-messi-eto'o) who was top.

Anonymous said...

im sorry, but in this match there was no real performance of note from anybody. i really hope this is a one off, because otherwise beating chelsea will be hard

Anonymous said...

guardiola made great subs ??
he should be the one 2 vote for !!

hamad_ali said...

even though we drew yesterday i'm not that sad , infact i'm a little bit happy because of 4 things :
1- we got through a physical match without injuries .
2- non of our players will miss el clasico
3- non of the valencia players got suspended so they'll face madrid with an almost full squad.
4- and when chelsea come to us thinking that we're in a dip and they're in good form , WE CRUSH'EM .
don't get me wrong i really wanted us to win but as guardiola always says " losing will help us improve "

Areign said...

i go henry, his entry (along with kieta's exit) changed the entire face of the game. huge impace and got the goal to show for it.

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