Saturday, 2 May 2009

How nervous are you?

Ok, ok, I admit...
I'm a little nervous.

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El Capitano said...

Iam not nervous at all, Barca is the best team in the world right now. Real Madrid must be very nervous.

Knives Out said...

Being nervous is alright. Living in fear is unacceptable.

skanjos said...

i am not nervous too,first time i feel very confident of this team,this barca plays the best football i have seen.if the lads play at their 80% we can win this easily.even if we lose i dont care ,i only want to trash chelsea and win the final of cl. i watched the barcelona vs arsenal final yesterday and i really wanna have that feeling is the most important thing and we are so close......the good thing is that a win will boost the morale

HH said...

I'm not nervous either, more excited about the game. I believe Barca will get the best out of the game.

Helge said...

Well, I gotta admit I am also a bit nervous.

But the pleasant anticipation is a lot higher! I somehow have a good feeling for this match, but a bit of nervousness is lurking as it is possible to have our lead cut down to just 1 point.

A2J said...

only nervous in seeing a defensive madrid, if they play attacking football, we will slaughter them.

CharlesWood said...

I´am very nervous, this is the descisive moment of the whole " La Liga" season. i just hope that this team will not be remembered as the Brazilian -82 team. The best team that never won the title.

RUMS said...

If only the best always win.. but thing is , sadly , the best dont always win so yea i admit im a little nervous.

ej said...

i hope i am wrong but i think today game is very hard one.

and it is the Key fr all season:

If we win :
i am sure that we wil beat chelsea then with our moral push we get after the classico

if we lose:
i dont see us beating chelsea then :(

and i have the feeling that this game wont be close at all , or we will win big(4-1) or lose badly(0-3).
the first team that scores will win the game big !!!

i hope the better team(us) win , because RDM(RealDIrtMadrid) doesnt deserve it.


Albert said...

Barca always fail at crucial points thats why we have only two champions league whereas Madrid has 10.
the team barca possessed from past five years should have won atleast 4 champions league and 5 spanish league instead of 1 champs leag and 2 liga.
this is the history of the evaporate at pressure.
Only show no goal.
Hope is there but no insurance.
Guardiola should do something about this.

Albert said...

Barca always lost to Italian teams in the past and presently they always loose to English teams.
Looks like they have a pshycological problem over their confidence in meeting strong contenders

ej said...



if yes please tell me

Citizen said...

Albert, a team with Oleguer as a starting defender is not going to consistently win cup competitions.

LéonDrágon said...

...nervous?'t influence the game...only disappointed if we fail...would be pleased with a draw too...but to lose should be no option...hopefully...ONE LOVE!!!!!...hope no repeat of last year...real in la liga and manu-like against chelsea in cl...

Iason said...

I predict a 6-2 score line in favor of FC Barcelona lol.

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