Sunday, 26 April 2009

Chat Statistics: Valencia CF - FC Barcelona


Knives Out said...

I'm going to take back #1 soon :p
It's really nice to see we have a great little community coming along.

pep said...

I mostly don't have time to be around but it was indeed a great idea by Omar to set this up for culés to get together.

Knives Out said...

Pep, have you thought of setting up a twitter account? There are a few good names available. We can post snippets there.

Perhaps if you don't mind I could post the latest features there, and maybe more.

I think it will be a nice way to reach out to Barca fans..

pep said...

Twitter, facebook, etcetera etcetera, we indeed should be present there to let the community grow more. I think we should work on it this summer.

If you want to help out, mail me at:

hieifcb said...

whoaa nice ^^
i finally found a blog where i belonged

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