Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Barcelona still interested in Arshavin

Asked about the situation of Arsenal attacker and Russian international Andrei Arshavin (27), the player's agent Dennis Lachter has unconfirmedly suggested in an interview with a Russian newspaper that Barcelona is still interested in signing the player, who wouldn't be entirely happy at Arsenal:

"To put it mildly he doesn't like playing on the left. But at the moment Wenger has a problem in that zone. So until they buy a good left-winger, Andrei is going to play there.

And to tell the truth the players of Arsenal are not easy to deal with either. The squad consists almost entirely of foreigners. The French diaspora rules there. Also there are guys, like van Persie and Fabregas, who are rather jealous about Andrei's fast growing popularity in England.

But such situation can only add motivation for him to work harder and improve his football skills. He didn't have any problems with any specific team-mates, but he was a target of jokes. Not very smart jokes, I must admit. But that's a football team for you. Such jokes are the same everywhere, in Russia or England.

It's not only Barcelona who are still interested in buying the player. After the game at Liverpool where Andrey scored four goals several teams told me they were interested in him. But currently he is an Arsenal player. Taking into consideration the amount of money which was paid for him and important role he's already acquired at the club, my client is not going to leave."

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barcalinho said...

Ugh, agents! Will they ever shut up?

So would Arshavin be happy playing on the left for Barca?

Etsp said...

He'd probably be okay with playing left-back, the guy loves us!

Areign said...

score 4 goals and its time to go? i cant imagine this has any fraction of truth in it. we missed our opportunity, there will be others, dont stare into the past, you cant go in that direction (unless you're the spurs)

semko said...

We should buy them when we have a chance,instead of hleb!

Anonymous said...

forget him... time is over... we had the chance.. we didn't want him, why should it change now? because he is an arsenal player?

V-Lo said...

I would say that Guardiola's first important mistake was to not proceed to sign Arshavin in the winter transfer window, especially considering the price Arsenal eventually got him for. He would of been that final piece to give the rotation some bulk, but at the same time, Barcelona have gone on to strength and strength, to me, Barcelona need a character, a spark, a new nationality, a unique superstar that we can all look to when Messi, Iniesta are benched. I'd only accept Ribery or Aguero as better puzzle pieces, so you know where I stand on the summer market.

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