Monday, 27 April 2009

Barcelona taking on the mighty English

Come on boys, if we attack them at five pm,
we might catch them while they are drinking tea.

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skanjos said...

i would laugh but the first leg is on camp nou not in england.......also doupt many of their players drink tea at 5(english players)

djoef said...

Good one!!!

You think too much, skanjos. And you forgot to add: "I would laugh but I doubt they will go to England by boat"... ;)

alex said...

Weel, I wanted to explain that Barça is playing only against English teams on UCL. Next time I'll try to do it better, don't worry :)

fcbee said...

I think most of us had the Barça vs Premier League reference... ;)

ElovesBarca said...

I'm laughing ...good one, pep.

Our squad will be facing the toughest week of the season. Make or break time.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Sarcasm I know but I would hardly call the English 'Mighty'. What has their national team done in 50 years??? Most of their success is due to foreign imports like - Ronaldo and Cantona at United; Henry, Vierra at Arsenal; Drogba at Chelsea etc.

English clubs need a reality check and Barca is just the team to give it to them!

Anonymous said...

barca is arguably the best team in the world at the moment but to Aussie Barca fan the EPL is the biggest and highest demanding leage at the moment and you forget many of the clubs outside the top four are predominantly english and i would wager would beat many middle spanish ones


Aussie Barca Fan said...

To Tom (Anon) I agree that the EPL is very strong and deserves recognition. Their results have been good but much of their success has been attributed to foreign players. The English national team is the most under achieving in probably football history. Yes there are good players like Lampard, Gerrard, Beckham, Ferdinant, Rooney, A Cole etc but they can't put it together in big tournaments. Spain is king at the moment and the battle is b/w Liga and EPL but you can't forget the big clubs in Spain (Barca, Madrid, Valencia) are run by members and not Arabs, Russians or Americans. Take out this cash flow and where would Man City and Chelsea be? Would Man Utd still have the same buying power without the Americans? Liga is king b/c the fans have more control and interaction with the clubs. Liga clubs don't sell out to wealthy tycons that don't care about the club.

Anonymous said...

nice one Alex, it was funny.

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