Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Puyol: "I don't want to become a coach"

Barcelona player Carles Puyol gave an interview to the offical website of Powergym, a brand of dietary supplements that also sponsors Puyol's website.

First of all, thanks Carles for allowing us this interview and congratulations with the fantastic season you're having with Barça...
Thank you and let's hope this year keeps going on like this.

So many years at Barça... What did the club mean to carles Puyol? Would you like to retire here or have you not ruled out a change of scenery?
It's the team that has given me the opportunity to play football and play in the elite. I am honored and proud to be a Barca player, in fact since I was little I have always been a fan and follower of the club and feel fortunate to have been able to play in this great club. The idea is to never leave here and I hope I will stay in the club for a long time but in football you never know what can happen.

I know the question is not original, but do you see yourself becoming the president of Barcelona in the future?
No, I do not see myself as president.

Rather as coach or sports director?
The option I like the most is that of sports director, which I think is a more relaxed job. I don't like the job of coaching.

What do you think you'll do when you finish your stage of professional football player?
I have not thought too much about it, but it would have something to do with football if I had a choice.

And apart from football, what other hobbies do you have?
I like other sports but we don't have a lot of time and the club doesn't allow us to avoid the risk of getting injured.

What sports do you like as a spectator?
I like athletics, tennis, padel tennis.

Do you practice or would you like some other sports?
Yes, I like padel tennis and sometimes I'm playing it a little. You always ahve a good time, even when you're not the best player.

Tell us a little more about your new project: your official website. For when it will be active, which sections will it have...
It's already active. The address is The most important sections are the blog and the forum, which will enable people to participate and I also will be participating myself by answering questions from fans. There will be a lot of my photos of the team, the Spanish of Catalan selection and also my friends and so on.

Translated by: Riis

This was the first part of this interview. You will be able to read the following part in the coming days with Puyol talking about how he keeps in shape and revealing who his ideal women is.

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Puyol you are my favorite player I idol you and look up to you someday I want to be the new PUYOL.

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