Saturday, 21 March 2009

Milan coach Ancelotti wants Eto'o

Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) could become a top target for AC Milan in the summer.

AC Milan manager Ancelotti would have demanded the Italian club to sign at least one central defender and one centre forward this year, which should enable Milan to again compete with the Italian and European top clubs next season. Eto'o and Adebayor would be the two options the coach has put forward for the striker position.

If he doesn't get what he asked for, Ancelotti will consider leaving at the end of the current season, with Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern Munich then being possible destinations for the Italian coach whose contract with Milan expires in the summer of 2010.

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SJP said...

if ancelotti does leave hope franky rijkard goes to milan, still love him and wanna see him back in management, as long as we always beat him if we play!

would also be weird having ronaldinho, etoo and then rijkard together again!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Villa but it doesn't seem like Eto'o will leave this season. I hope FC Barcelona decides to not give Eto'o the huge contract that he is demanding and brings in David Villa as he is a better dribbler and never misses a one on one situation like Eto'o always does.

Anonymous said...

and they will ask for lower than 20 m euro price

Dimmu said...

Whats up with the Eto'o transfer rumours.. damn there are even more of them then Ronaldo onces..

PerJun said...

If they pay enough money, I think we should sell him and bring in Villa instead.

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