Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Points: Almeria

Valdés 6__7__6__6__5__5__6,5

Alves 7__7,5__7__7__6,5__8__6,5
Piqué 6__7__8__8__6__10__8
Márquez 5__6__7__7,5__5,75__8__7
Sylvinho 6__6,5__7__7,5__6__8__6,5

Xavi 6__7__7__8__6,25__9__7
Touré 6__7__7__8,5__6__9__7
Keita 5__7__7__6__5__6__6,5

Messi 6__8__8__7,5__6,75__8__7,5
Bojan 7__7,5__9__6,5__6,5__5__7,5
Iniesta 7__8,5__9__9__6,75__9__9

Eto'o 5__5__6__5__*__6__6
Gudjohnsen 5__5__6__6__*__6__*
Hleb *__6__6__5__*__*__*


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points here.


matyrze said...

Who on earth will give 5 rating to a player who scored 2 goals in that match? I always feel that goal.com gave the most thoughtful ratings, although sometimes their ratings also a bit puzzling.

peter said...

Hi Pep.

A suggestion, maybe you could provide links to the sites pages since they include more than just the points. They always have comments regarding the player which may shed more light on why they have given the player that point.

KEMPE cy said...

i aggree with matyrze
on goal is becouse not the same person rates all the barca games..
one or tow of them are a bit anti-barca fans.. so the rating are a bit of a mess..

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