Saturday, 21 March 2009

[2008] Marquez wants to stay

this story was published exactly one year ago:

Every time when a season is coming to its end, the speculation about his possible departure starts, but Madrid tabloid AS claims that Barcelona central defender Rafael Márquez (29) will again not leave this summer, despite new rumours about an upcoming transfer (read more here).

Because of his relationship with Mexican model Jaydy Mitchel (picture), who is living in Madrid where Márquez visits her regularly, the player has again been linked with a move to Atlético Madrid. Márquez nevertheless thinks that there's no better place for him now than Barcelona and the Mexican international is therefore motivated to play a good end of the season and show his worth to the team.

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1 comment:

one year ago, readers said...

groga said...

Didnn't he get divorced lately?

marc said...

Yeah, I think last year. His new girlfriend is the former wife of Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz.

Anonymous said...

Inter and Milan have wanted to Rafa Marquez and he likes Italy, he said he would not play in England but more than anything he loves Barca and they will not let him go.

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