Thursday, 19 March 2009

Quote of the day: Messi

If it would depend on me, I would stay my whole life at Barça. There are things you cannot buy with money, like the happiness and the great feeling I have here in Barcelona.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona player


pep said...

Adding that he won't join Real Madrid.

Anonymous said...

I hope that he will never leave but if he has two bad, injury plaque seasons, Barcelona will probably sell him.

Marc4barca said...

i'm guessing that anon person isn't a barca fan or he would know barca ain't selling messi for anything.

JR said...

Messi is never leaving, even if he would be out for 2 full seasons (which is never going to happen though hopefully).

If he can stay relatively free of injuries, he could become the biggest player the club has ever had imo.

Fred_FCB said...

Messi obviously loves Barca, that much we can se.

He should be given a new contract as long as he wants to stay. Simple as that! Not because he is the best player in the world, no, because he has heart.

The most important thing in the long term will be to stand by him when injuries come knocking on the door. They will, sooner or later. Messi has proclaimed his commitment for the Club and when the hard times come, we as a club should do the same.

God I love the kid! Not that its possible, but offer him a lifetime contract :)

Anonymous said...

of course he loves it with barca. he's treated like a prince and he gives back to his people like a benevolent king. its his home, he virtually grew up in la masia and barca took care of his medical needs. messi is one person who gives gratitude and respect unlike some players who think only of what they can earn and treats being a club player like a job. you know who i'm talking about but i wont mention his name cos it will only add to his "popularity" lol.

hail the real king of football leo messi!


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