Thursday, 19 March 2009

Madrid gets all the support they need

*Canonball Man*

We have taken off and Van der Vaart is right. Six points is nothing and ALL* together we can get there!

*Board, fans, squad... and of course the referees

(click the cartoon to enlarge)

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skanjos said...

madrid think they can turn the league around cause the have the classico in bernabeu.but once that game goes bad for them( cause it will ,mark my words) then they will enter the "acceptace" and only then they can move on ....

Anonymous said...

skanjos mate i dont think madrid is the kind of club that "moves on" esp if the humiliation comes from barca haha. but anyway, dreaming is free let them. they dream to overtake us, they dream of iniesta and messi, of refs not abandoning their cause lmaoo but the good shall always prevail over evil. forcaaa!


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