Friday, 20 March 2009

How much does Guardiola earn?

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola (38) currently earns a fixed year salary of 1,5 million euro.

Besides this fixed fee, Guardiola's contract also includes the following incentives:

- league title: 1,1 million euro
- league finish between places 2 and 4: 0,5 million euro
- Spanish cup: 0,4 million euro
- Champions League: 1 million euro

Like when he signed his contract as Barcelona Atlètic head coach in 2007, the emphasis lies on the performance-based incentives. There would also exist a verbal agreement between the club and the manager that Guardiola could receive an extra incentive if the club wins two or more trophies in one season.

The contract besides stipulates that Guardiola takes with him to his second season the incentives he earns in his first year. Guardiola signed last summer a two-year contract as Barcelona head coach (read more here). Although the club seems willing to extend the deal, Guardiola don't think this is the moment to talk about a renewal.

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