Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Belhadj confirms Barcelona offer

Asked about the rumours that Barcelona made him an offer during the winter transfer market (readmore here), Portsmouth left back defender and Algerian international Nadir Belhadj (26) has reconfirmed in an interview with Algerian sports paper Le Buteur that Barcelona wanted to sign him:

"I can confirm that Barça made an offer and I was very happy about it. I nevertheless didn't want to take the risk of living the same experience I had at Lyon, when I stayed on the bench. And I also wasn't interested in a loan deal of only six months.

I hope to join Barça one day, to play and to be important. I have what it takes to play there. When you're playing with those great players, I'm sure your own game gets better. But I didn't want to be a luxury back-up, like I was at Lyon. If Barça would have shown interest two-three years ago, I would have accepted, but now I'm again playing after a period in which I didn't play for several months. I don't want to re-live those bad times. And even on a personal level, moving another time and again starting a new life, it would have been difficult.

The offer of Barcelona made me happy because it proved that my talent is recognized at the highest level. That gives my morale a boost and encourages me to work even harder. I hope that one day I will play at a club like that. I'm not going crazy but I honestly think that I have the qualities to play in such a team. Look at Daniel Alves on the right: it's a right back defender but he doesn't defend. Why? Because Barça has always the ball (laughs)! It's a great player and he has the same qualities as myself. He can attack well, he can centre."

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noubarca said...

I like this guy more after reading this interview. Very sensible dude. I would not mind having him in a few years when Abi leaves; if he is still performing well

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