Thursday, 19 March 2009

[2008] Inter is monitoring Marquez

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Italian television channel Italia 1 claims that Inter Milan is closely following the situation of Barcelona central defender Rafael Márquez (29).

While the arrival of a new central defender in Barcelona could lead to the departure of the Mexican international, Inter is looking to bring in at least one important player to strengthen their defensive department, that was upset this season by injuries and sudden dips in performances. Márquez is said to be on the list of Inter manager Roberto Mancini for many years. A transfer fee of 10 million euro (°) is being put forward.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

(°) 10 million euro =

7,9 million british pound
15,7 million us dollar

wo100sest said...

I would sell him because he is always injured and behaving nonprofessional just like Ronaldinho. The same case. But 10 millions? I think we could get more for him if Lucio is worth 15-20.

Anonymous said...

I agree on this one. At least 12 millions for Rafa. He, Deco, Ronaldinho and Edmilson are finished in Barça because they behave nonprofessional for a long time. Well, maybe not Edmilson but he's way behind his best now.

Bring in Garay now Txiki!

pep said...

Interesting case. He has qualities we lack when he's not there: a good long ball from behind, good heading at set pieces.

But then again he's often injured (said himself last year -after another injury- he's maybe just not physically made for top football) and he's off a lot to Madrid lately, where his girlfriend lives. Although he always gets the club's permission for that, you can't really call it exemplary behaviour, certainly when you are recovering.

This is also the last chance we could really make good money out of him. 10-12 million seems his value at the moment. Which would financially be a great deal since we got him for only 5 million euro in 2003.

Guess the coach will decide in the end. Whoever that may be.

Anonymous said...

Funny to read all this... but think about all the games that Barca has lost and guess who is not in DEFENSE... not Messi, but Rafa who is the main guy back there. Every time he is out Barca has a loss. My take is DONT SELL HIM... he is the main guy with Puyol in the back. Dont sell , bring in more guys like him.

pep said...

With him we also had games in which we weren't really solid, I have to say. But then again, defending is a team effort, so if the guys higher up the pitch aren't doing their job properly, you'll always have problems in defense, whoever is playing there.

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