Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Poll result: Who do you want to face in the CL?

This is the final result of this blog's Which team you want Barcelona to face in the Champions League 1/4 finals? poll:

35% Porto
21% Arsenal
15% Manchester United
7% Bayern Munich
7% Don't know/Doesn't matter
6% Liverpool
5% Chelsea
4% Villarreal

see full results here
see previous poll results here


Marc4barca said...

lol i can't believe the barca fans are looking for an easy way into to the semis lol... its better if porto get villareal and we get arsenal so there might be a chance we get one of them in semis.. here's what i want to see
Bayern Munich vs Chelsea
Manchester United vs Liverpool
Arsenal vs Barcelona
Villareal vs Porto

that's the best draw that can happen for us.. one of manu/liver will go and will either face bayern or chelsea and barca will face arsenal going up against one of villa/porto should we win of course.

Loos said...

I don't know why I thought that after 4 English sides passed the round of 16, Barca have to face an English team! Maybe I thought that no teams from the same league are allowed to play together. I'm looking for the details of the draw but can not find them. Any clue?

Anonymous said...

that is only in the 1st knock out round
clubs of the same team can play eachother after that
so barca - villareal is a possibility but something that we should not be cheering for
neither is barca - porto
barca arsenal would be a better choice
even though there league season is done and are going to focuse 100% on CL

Loos said...

Thanks for the update Anonymous!

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